Diary of a Wedding Planner in Love by Violet Howe – IBF Review

Diary of a Wedding Planner in Love

By: Violet Howe
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 286
Series: Tales Behind the Veils #2
Published on: November 14, 2015
Diary of a Wedding Planner in Love by Violet Howe – IBF Review

When wedding planner Tyler Warren realized she was in love with her best friend Cabe, she thought surely he was The One. Tyler couldn’t wait to live out their fairy tale, but she was about to discover a lot can happen between Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After.

Sometimes modern-day princes have inner dragons to battle, and when issues from Cabe’s past threaten to end their relationship before it really begins, Tyler starts to question whether their love story is real. But the biggest test for Cabe and Tyler may be the arrival of a handsome new prince, ready to step in and steal her heart forever.

This second volume in the Tales Behind the Veils series picks up where Diary of a Single Wedding Planner ended, but Tyler’s personal drama dampens her enthusiasm for her crazy wedding clients. As she travels down the sometimes treacherous path of romance, Tyler finds that being a wedding planner in love isn’t always the easiest job to have!

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In the first book in the series,  “Diary of a Single Wedding Planner” saw the main character and wedding planner Tyler living her life. She had a great best friend, Cabe.  Cabe as you may remember married someone who decided that marriage wasn’t for her.  I felt a connection between Tyler and myself. With this second book in the series, Tyler endures soo many things that she doesn’t deserve but yet she keeps her sense of humor.


Tyler has events that may test her, may even break her, but she is strong. She is much stronger than she gives herself credit for. Circumstances out of her control have bent her, but not so far she can’t come back. In this book, you see her more sure of herself, even when situations present themselves that may prove otherwise. In fact, some of the situations that she is put into, I would have told the brides to go screw themselves. Good thing I am not a wedding planner.


There is a lot of time and space between Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After. While we wish that it was all peaches and cream, Violet shows us through Tyler that it isn’t.  Will Happily ever after happen? Sure, but you will not come out of it without some bruises, scrapes, and lessons learned.  I think that is what I took out of this book the most. I cried with Tyler, I laughed with Tyler, and I even told the author this.


Her reply may have been “sorry not sorry” when I told her that I was crying big fat tears because Tyler was crying big fat tears.  Even if romance isn’t your thing, there is something to books that pull that type of response from the reader. Rather it is hiding under the covers, or crying alongside the main character, inciting emotion is important, and I think Violet has it in spades.



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About Violet Howe

Violet Howe enjoys writing romance with humor. She lives in Florida with her husband (her knight in shining armor!) and their two handsome sons. They also share their home with three adorable but spoiled dogs. When she’s not writing, Violet is usually watching movies, reading, or planning her next travel adventure.

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