Demonic Wildlife


Demonic Wildlife: A Fantastical Funny Adventure

By: Valerie Willis and Friends
Genres: Horror
Pages: 256
Series: Demonic Anthology Series #1
Published on: October 1, 2017
Demonic Wildlife

You are about to set foot on a bizarre adventure, a funny fantastical one filled with demonic animals. The first few stories are light, more about the giggles, but be warned. As you read further, the dark creepy side will sneak up on you. Within this entertaining tome you will find spiders, snakes, sheep, wolves, manatees, hummingbirds, squirrels, and many more!





I first saw this book at IBF last year I was so excited.  I tried to win it like four times, but no go.  I mean seriously it saddened me.  But one of my favoritist authors ever also happens to be one of the authors in this book and so I got a digital copy to review.  


What do you get when you put animals in an anthology and then give them demonicesque powers?  Oh, just some rampaging animals and worried humans.  Actually, most of the stories are less scary and funnier but as you transverse the book they pick up the demonic flavor.  


I enjoyed these stories for the most part, there were a couple that I kind of skimmed, like the one about the bear.  I don’t know why but I just couldn’t get into it at all.  I also thought that it was a little too long for my liking, especially since other stories were not as long.  


My two favorite were Milk to Hell and the one about the Koalas.  I mean in real life Koalas are kinda STD ridden cute not so fuzzy animals.  Well in this book they have some sharp teeth, some itchy stuff going on, and well you know your typical STDs.  Kangaroos even get involved.  It is really an Australian version of your typical hot mess zoo.



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I was extremely excited to read Demonic Wildlife. I first saw it at Indie Bookfest in Orlando, FL this past October. I loved the idea behind it, I knew several of the contributing authors and had good experiences with their work in the past, and the money raised from the sale of it was going to a good cause.


Some of the stories are better than others, but that is to be expected with books containing a variety of stories. A few of the stories just weren’t for me. I particularly enjoyed the contribution by L.E. Perez about a squirrel with human characteristics.


Overall this was a cute read and I recommend it to anyone looking for a variety of animal stories that all contain some weird little quirk that will make you laugh out loud or at least scratch your head in wonder.



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