Dead Spooky by Boone Brux

Dead Spooky: A Novella (Grim Reality Series)

By: Boone Brux, Ravyn Humphreys
Pages: 92
Series: Grim Reality
Publisher: Boone Brux
Published on: October 31, 2016
Dead Spooky by Boone Brux

Halloween wouldn't be complete without a good haunting, or without some wayward spirit messing up my plans. My name is Lisa, and because I'm a grim reaper, I'll be spending All Hallows Eve trying to capture the ghost of a serial killer instead doing normal things like trick-or-treating with my kids, or drinking wine while I pass out candy.

Yep, that about sums up my life.

The only good things I have going for me tonight are the gigantic sack of Halloween candy stuffed in my purse, and the fact that Nate isn't too bad to look at. No doubt, the evening will be a night to remember...if I make it out alive.

Also by this author: To Catch Her Death (Grim Reality, #1), Styx and Stoned, Styx and Stoned




Boone Brux is back with her Novella, Dead Spooky. I thought that I had already done it, but apparently not. It was released back on Halloween, and I read it on Halloween.  What? I also went out and went to a party, maybe ;).  First a little about the author.  I met Boone at Coastal Magic last year.  She has a romance series out there, but what hooked me was her reaper, a snarky, mom who falls into it. Both Melanie and I have read her other two books, Styx and Stoned and To Catch her death, which have both found spots on our 28 days, so I guess it is fitting her novella does as well. I also heard that she may have another reaperish book coming out.


Okay, so to the book. Dead Spooky is a novella that takes place up in Alaska, it falls after the second book, but is also a bit of a stand alone as it has one separate case that does not directly relate to her time in Vegas. It has her same partner (duh). This book is based on a theatre that has some issues, and by issues, I mean women die on Halloween. Obviously not every Halloween since they closed it down, but the ancestry of a former owner wanted to do something with it.


Boy did they not know what they were getting into, it wasn’t just one ghost, but a whole theatre of them. Some had sad stories, some had interesting stories, and then there is the killer. A killer who is not who anything thinks it is. Oh did I mention that this theatre holds a Halloween show every year, yup a ghostly theatre show.


I like this story because it is different than the first two. Yes it gets a little mushy with the partners. They maybe or maybe not kiss. I also like the whole story about the theatre and how sometimes people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It is worth the read, go check it out.



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