Day 9: Red Summer by Antoinette Houston

Red Summer

By: Antoinette Houston
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 230
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: January 25, 2014
Day 9:  Red Summer by Antoinette Houston

Rita found that she could manipulate fire, but her control was deteriorating.

Her boyfriend, Wil, just wanted to enjoy being with her. Unfortunately her ‘baggage’ may prove to be too much.

Ingrid wanted to help better the relationship between her brother and his foster daughter; Rita. But his paranoid antics were driving everyone crazy.
Nikki thought his life was normal only to find that he, Wil, Ingrid and Rita had been living their high school lives over and over for the past eighteen years.

Bobby has tried his hardest to keep Wil away from Rita. Rewriting their memories every time they got too close. With Jason finally coming out of his coma, Bobby couldn't get back to restart their memories. Now he was going to have to convince Rita that she belonged with him.
If Jason didn't kill them all first.

Also by this author: Wil's Winter

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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I have read a lot of books not only during my tenure at Fang but also before that at Little Read Riding Hood.  This book is different, a lot different than almost all of the books I have read.  When I first started this book I thought it was going to be about a young lady with paranormal abilities trying to live life as normal as possible with a boyfriend, foster father, foster sister as she navigates life after high school.  I would not have been disappointed if this book ended there.  I am reviewing this book because I just finished the second book in the series and I want all of you fang fans to know the greatness of the first one before I speak to the greatness of the second one.

Rita, or Red has she is affectionately called by Will is a fire-starter, and I mean of the best kind.  She is not only an arsonist but also a pyromaniac.  But that is not where her abilities end, she is in fact a pyro-kinetic.  She not only loves flame and all things fire, but she can manipulate it with her mind.  I personally love fire, used to fight wildfires, but I have never started fire to anything for the purpose of destruction.  Rita feels the same way but she can do something I can’t, she can move her fingers and have the fire obey her.  Rita is a strong independent individual who knows who she is, or at least thought she knew who she was until fire started to erupt from her fingers.

The character development in such an action pack book is surprisingly good and really draws you into their life.  I was really surprised how much I grew to like the four friends turned siblings, and hated Bobby without even knowing his true story until the end.  In fact the entire story culminates in the last 1/3 of the book.  This book has it all, some love, some snarky attitude, some violence, some science, some ethical issues, and a lot of really good writing.

Ms. Houston took a concept of paranormal teenagers and added a twist that even I, a fan of paranormal books did not see coming.  I read this book in less than a day and I was waiting for more.  With the ending she wrote there is a possibility for another book and if she does decide to write it I will be first in line.  I suggest everyone to read this book and really look at another view of supernatural, paranormal, and psychic abilities work.

5 stars

About Antoinette Houston

Antoinette J. Houston was born Antoinette J. Stewart in El Paso, Texas but raised in Union City, Georgia. She now lives in Hampton, Georgia with her husband and rambunctious four year old son with whom she particularly enjoys not acting her age. Her hobbies include creative cooking, drawing, playing video games and a budding interest in quilting. She enjoys watching anime and reading mangas and loves an eclectic array of music ranging from metal to classic r&b.

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