Day 6: The Devil’s Cut by L.E. Perez

The Devil's Cut

By: L.E. Perez
Pages: 55
Series: A Blade Master Chronicles #1
Publisher: Palmas Publishing
Published on: December 7, 2015
Day 6: The Devil’s Cut by L.E. Perez

Book 1 of the Blade Master Chronicles-Katerina 'Kat' Delavida loved antiques weapons. Every weapon had a story and she loved to find out what it was until one sword in particular decided that she would become a part of it’s story. An accident brought Kat in contact with the blade and the violent images that washed over her, brought her to her knees. It soon became clear she was meant to be in possession of the blade. Unfortunately the darkness of the blade threatened to overwhelm her at every turn, as did the mysterious man who wanted to take possession of it.

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Andi's Review


The Devil’s Cut by L.E. Perez is part of the much larger anthology Thrill of the Hunt which I reviewed back in January.  This is not only the first story, but in my opinion the best.  This short story is also the prelude to a much longer set of books created by the same author with hopefully the same characters that debuted in the short story.


Kat has a special gift, one that not very many people have, but in this instance her gift is not beneficial, in fact it leads to a dark organization that does not want to use her gift for good, in fact there are some individuals who would rather see her dead than allow her gift to be used.


Now her gift is special, in fact I think it is probably one of the best gifts I have heard about in such a short story.  Her ability is to touch an antique or otherwise used weapon and sees the history of it.  If a gun was part of the Civil War she could see that and she also feels the emotions that the weapons, and the weapon holders experience.  So while out and about she can feel weapons that are being sold for nothing at flea markets and can determine if they are worth more.  The only issue is that the sword she touches is not a normal weapon, and without the help of her good friend, she would never have understood the power the sword had on her.


I really enjoyed this story because not only does she have a special ability that I would love to have, especially since I collect historic weapons, but also because it is unique.  You do not see by touch weapon knowledge.  It is that uniqueness that really peaked my interest in reading the story.  It goes on by giving the weapon special qualities that allow it to appear differently during different time periods.


I also like the theme of the story and the fact that because this is a short story there is a the possibility of it going various different directions in the full size novels.  I find that very exciting because this book could have any number of roads.  So if you like some supernatural and dark evil societies this is a great book to sink your fangs into.  I know that I will be reading the series to see how the author pushes the story line.


5 fangs


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