Day 4: Harvest Moon by Helena Shaw

Harvest Moon

By: Helena Shaw
Genres: Fantasy, Fantasy Romance
Pages: 275
Series: Night Hunters #1
Publisher: Jynxed Moon
Published on: November 13, 2014
Day 4: Harvest Moon by Helena Shaw

The exciting new paranormal romance series Night Hunters begins here!

She’s pretending to be someone she’s not.

For two years, Dawn Garrett has been on the run from some very bad people. The small town of Goosemont, nestled deeply in the Appalachian Mountains, seems like the perfect place for a young woman to disappear.

He isn’t who he says he is.

When Jase Byrnes is working a job, he needs to blend in, and he works alone. He knows what dark creatures lurk in the shadows and prowl in the night, and it’s his duty to hunt them.

Not all is right in the picturesque town of Goosemont. Hikers are going missing at an alarming rate and people are turning up dead. It isn’t bears or wolves that are hiding deep in the mountain, but a terrifying evil that Jase has come to hunt. It’s the same evil that has claimed the life of Dawn’s best friend and with Jase’s help, she is ready to fight back. Will Jase be able to finish the job? Or will his attraction to Dawn only put her in more danger?

Also by this author: Harvest Moon (Night Hunters, #1)

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28 Dark Days        of Bloody Good (1)
So awhile ago we got an email for a review.   I thought that it looked good and so we discussed it and it was put on the TBR list.


~~~Andi’s Review~~~

This book started a little dark, in fact really dark.  It started with teenage child abuse, which if most books start that way I am not going to continue reading, but it was no graphic and it was more of a story about the past than anything happening in the present. Following the “Jennifer” running away there really wasn’t much information until she round up in Goosemont, a very small town that just happened to have had a number of mysterious deaths recently of female hikers.


The book is good, about half way through you knew what was going to happen which is why it is only a four fang instead of a five.  I also believe that the ending could have been tweaked a little to pack more of a punch honestly.  But I did really like it and I would read more by the author, maybe not the next one in this series, but more by the author in general.   I think that the author did a good job at character development on most of the characters.  There are some that fall a little flat for me, but this was not an overly long book and the story revolved around two people.


For someone that was really strong and did what she did “Dawn” really turned into a little bit of a girl when it came to Kevin.  I was a little surprised but not overly turned off from the book by her attitude change.  Overall I enjoyed it.




4 stars

About Helena Shaw

Helena Shaw has been writing ever since she was a child. Always with a book in her hands, she started crafting her own stories at a young age. She has always loved the world of the paranormal and inspired by her favorite stories, she set out to create a world of her own.

Her first full length novel, Harvest Moon, was released in November, 2014 and she is currently hard at work on the sequel. She hopes to keep Dawn and Jase's story going for many years to come.

Helena Shaw resides in a small town in western Ontario. When she is not writing, she is taking care of her two boys and her husband.

You can join her mailing list at and visit her website

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