Day 14: The Sisters: A Mystery of Good and Evil, Horror and Suspense by Don Sloan

The Sisters: A Mystery of Good and Evil, Horror and Suspense

By: Don Sloan
Pages: 239
Series: Dark Forces #1
Publisher: Amazon
Published on: April 6, 2014
Day 14: The Sisters: A Mystery of Good and Evil, Horror and Suspense by Don Sloan

In this book, written in the style of Stephen King,, two young people on vacation in a small New England seacoast town battle unspeakable horror and solve a hundred-year-old mystery. Fourteen Victorian mansions whisper dark secrets among themselves, and a dangerous shadow roams up and down the wide, wintry boulevard in search of new prey.

In this gripping horror and suspense novel, Nathan and Sarah must battle the mysterious dark forces that inhabit the fourteen Victorian houses that lie along Beach Avenue. They are The Sisters, and they whisper terrible secrets to each other -- ensnaring the young couple in a web of terror and suspense.

Who is The Keeper, and what is his connection to the malicious Shadow that wreaks unspeakable violence and mayhem up and down the oceanfront? Can Nathan and Sarah, who somehow discover love amid the violence, defeat this century-old abomination? Don't read this book at night, unless you want nightmares.

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28 days


Andi's Review



Imagine if houses could talk, now imagine that these houses were hundreds of years old, held secrets beyond your imagination.  Now imagine that you lived near the coast, where rain, snow, and fog encompass not only the town but the houses as well.  The only thing that can be seen is the historic light house.  You got that all in your head.  So now you are in the setting for The Sisters.



The Sisters is a book that at the beginning is confusing, but what it is, is the houses talking to each other.  They are talking about all the bad things that have happened inside their walls.  It gets pretty gruesome, but you have to remember that these houses are hundreds of years old, so what is a murder or decapitation here and there? Right?!?



Two unsuspecting, new owners unknown to each other move back to family owned properties in hopes of not only changing who they are, but coming to terms with what has and is happening in their lives.  For Nathan it was a chance to write and get away from the big city.  For Sarah it was to recoup from her divorce and to find who she is and maybe who she should be.  Sarah though on one of the first nights has a nightmare about her house, and the bathroom that sits under the stairs.  The nightmare is so vivid that days after it she is still reeling from the thoughts.



Meeting by happenstance, Nathan and Sarah start walking down a path that puts them in direct line of an individual who is seeking something, it really isn’t clear in the beginning what the evil, dark, transporting power wants, but it wants it bad, and it will even kill to get what it believes it deserves.  It is up to Nathan and Sarah to listen to the Sisters and figure out which ones are trying to help them, and which ones want their blood as much as the evil entity.



This story was a little weird, since it starts with houses that talk to each other, but it is unique in that everyone, even deep in their subconscious think that houses tell tales, so why can’t they talk to each other, especially ones that have shared trauma’s and a shared conscious, sort of.  The book answers a lot of questions towards the end, but I can’t give any answers, since that would be spoiling.   The writing is good, and for an author to be able to not only convey conversation in an authentic manner, but to also convey bits and pieces of conversations spread over generations and decades takes a special kind of author.


The reason I really liked this book was that it was new, I had never read a book about houses speaking in this manner, and how their memories and thoughts could be conveyed to the human world.  I also like the Evil entity and how it was not only wrapped up in one aspect, but it was associated with another.  The third thing that I enjoyed, and I do not usually enjoy cliff hangers, but the ending was interesting because it both left the future open for this series, but also ended the book in a way that may imply that it is the human’s personality and not the entity that separates good from evil.



5 fangs


About Don Sloan

I am a former police reporter for a large metropolitan daily newspaper and therefore no stranger to scenes of carnage and strange phenomena. I believe fervently in ghosts and other spiritual guides, both friendly and unfriendly.

My goal with the Dark Forces Series is to present readers with a new and exciting horror and suspense thriller experience.

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