Day 1: The Man in the Golden Mask by N.A. Wetzel

The Man in the Golden Mask

By: N.A. Wetzel
Pages: 395
Published on: April 15, 2015
Day 1: The Man in the Golden Mask by N.A. Wetzel

There is a darkness falling over the crescent city during the most cheerful times of the year. And there is a mystery that begs to be solved.

Charlotte Summers is forced to come home after the death of her biological parents. Having been raised by her grandmother, a voodoo priestess, she returns to say her good-byes to her parents that she knew little about, and support her grieving grandmother. Soon after returning, she loses her high school sweetheart to a weaseling cheerleader.
Tina, Charlotte's best friend, is there for her through it all.

But things change New Orleans in a dark way after the arrival of a mysterious man, Cassius, whom bought the Nottoway Plantation shows up. Murders start to occur, dead bodies drained of blood and shriveled up like mummies are floating in the Mississippi River, and dumped in dark alleys.

As Charlotte is drawn to the Mysterious new owner of the Nottoway Plantation, she is pulled into a world that is dark, dangerous, alluring... and turning the Mississippi river blood red.

Are Charlotte and Tina safe from the horrors that surround them, or are they just the next victims to a creature of legend?

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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28 days


Woohoo another year has come and gone and we are back to our 28 days of bloody good reviews.  I am going to start this one off with a great book that I read awhile ago.  I think that it really deserved to be showcased during these 28 days.


The cover is misleading, you think that you are going to read some foofy 1800s fiction along the likes of Dorian Grey or something, but trust me that is not the case at all.  This book is action packed, heartfelt, exciting, suspenseful, sad, happy all wrapped into almost 400 pages.  Now I can hear you now, 400 pages !!!!, let me tell you, I read this book in less than 6 hours.


Charlotte is your run of the mill post high school girl.  She has a best friend, a boyfriend, going to college, everything is on the right path, until it isn’t.  Charlotte packs her bags and leaves college  behind to return home to her Grandmother when they receive notice that her estranged parents were killed.  Never having enough time for Charlotte when they were alive Charlotte feels guilty for not wanting to spend time on them now that they are dead, but she has her grandmother, who is a influential Voodoo priestess in New Orleans to worry about.


With her High School sweet heart falling into the arms of another girl and her best friend trying to drag her out to hang out, Charlotte feels confused and all but lost until a tall, dark, and handsome stranger comes into the tourist store that Charlotte works in to get herself out of the house.  From the minute that she met Cassius there is something about him that begs to be loved, but there is a dark, almost evil sense about him too.  Charlotte does what any normal 19 year old would do, her and Tina, her best friend, run to the dress shop to get something to  wear to the Valentines Day Masquerade Ball that Cassius is putting on.


When Cassius appears as the Man in the Golden Mask, Charlotte has fallen so far that she doesn’t even realize herself.  However not everything is as tied up in a pretty bow as she would like it.  There are people being killed and drained of their blood along with a foreboding from Charlotte’s grandmother.


This book is really interesting, you first think that it is going to be a love story, or some thing akin to that.  However this is not just a romance, but this is also a suspense filled look at an old story that has come back around in modern day New Orleans.  When a vampire hunter comes to town it makes the entire book take on a much darker sub plot and with that comes the fascination that I have with it.  N.A. Wetzel has taken what could have been a little long, dry, and boring story and turned it upside down.  The ending is what really surprised me the most and it really made me wonder how everything would work now that Charlotte has said yes.  Yes to what you may ask?  Well that is something that you are going to have to read to find out.


This is a solid story that has all the makings of being a good series, I would love to find out what happens to the Voodoo group now that the shield has been somewhat replaced.  I also want to know what will happen to Charlotte and Cassius.  Will he stay in New Orleans?  Will he leave?  Will she go back to College?  Will she take over the VooDoo shop from her grandmother?  See so many questions, but in a very good way.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think that N.A. Wetzel is a talented writer and visionary to take a old worn out story and turned it on it’s nose.



5 fangs


About N.A. Wetzel

N. A. Wetzel is from a small town. Wetzel is the author of many stand-alone titles such as, 'The Man in the Golden Mask', and the Otherworldly Prophecies book series.

**From the author**

I am the parent of two precious princesses, one charming son, and a furry, 85 lbs cuddle monster, which all rule my heart and home. I am the soul mate to the one I searched for all my life, slave to the written word, and lover of the dark and robust brew, coffee.

There isn't a whole lot that I can say about myself without it turning into another novel.

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