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Bayou Brew Publishing Presents:


The Dark Hour: The Keepers Series
By J.F. Jenkins

Published by: Bayou Brew Publishing
Date Published: January 14, 2014
Cover Art done by: Khelsey Jackson


the dark hour


Becca Simpson is a not so average teenager, and she knows it. In fact, she embraces it. She was chosen to be a Keeper, one who keeps the gates sealed between the magic world and the “normal” world. The only time she isn’t safe from the dark creatures of the Other Side is the Dark Hour. Every night, at the same time, the gates between the two worlds open and Becca is left vulnerable until the gate closes and the minions disappear. But that’s why she has Erik Manchester. As her Guardian, Erik is in charge of making sure no one, or nothing, comes after her to take her away. Because waiting for her on the Other Side is a tyrannical emperor, looking to use her status to meld the two worlds into one.

With Erik, Becca feels safe, but suffocated. There are rules she has to follow in order to keep out of the hands of the emperor. Then Kyne walks into her life and challenges everything she knows. Not only does he know things about the Other Side, but he’s from there. And found a way to stay in the normal world without frying.



The Dark Hour will be available for purchase January 14th



About the Author

J.F. Jenkins is the latest author to sign with Bayou Brew Publishing. Miss Jenkins has been an author for over fifteen years, and a published one for three of those. Miss Jenkins is twenty-eight years old, a mother, and a wife. In 2006 she graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Media Communications with minors in both Writing and Film and has had 12 publications in the past three years with other publishing houses. She has written in several genres as well, spanning from contemporary romance, to science fiction, and beyond.



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