Cyber Monday Post!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO Savings

Andi here *Waves*.  I don’t know about all of you but I am not a huge Black Friday shopper, I may go if the deals are amazing, like last year I got a 63 inch TV for 600 something dollars.  Yeah it was pretty good.  Well this year I decided that after shopping on Saturday for a new purse and some other stuff I was going to only shop on Cyber Monday or in stores at some point in the next month.  I try to shop all year round so I am not in the mad crunch that everyone else gets into but this year I didn’t get the chance.



Some sweet jewelry deals. Use code Cyber to take additional 25% off.



CYBERMON is the code

Jackets; 75% off

Fallout 4: 49.00 with code above

Really soft sheets: Starting at 9.89

Oakley Backpack: Hubs has one they are Amazing   $104.76 with code 20CYBERWK
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Want other stuff from Amazon.  Use our Affiliate link, we get paid for referring you to Amazon, like .5% or something, and you get sale prices, it truly is a win win.


Go forth and enjoy some stuff and of course enjoy your family, and spending time with them, and not the materialistic side of the holidays and be sure to have a Yule Log and a good Christmas tree, and matches ready to light the Menorah candles.


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