Cyber Monday (Books we love)


Yes it is that time of the year again.  Get out your computers and start shopping.  They have said this year that over 44 percent of consumers used the internet, and everyone wants a deal right?  Well here are some links for authors who we think you should splurge on this holiday season.  Their books may or may not be on sale, but we think they are good authors, and their books are those we love.

This list is in no order of what we like or who we think is a better author.  It is in the order that we thought of as we talked to each other and looked at our bookcases.

So if anyone wants to get the lovely Melanie and I anything, Deborah Blake has her new series “Broken Riders” which is the spin-off from the Baba Yaga series available which I have been giddy to read.

Claire Riley
So Melanie has read I think almost all of her books.  I have read three and I was elated, crushed, torn apart, put back together just to be torn apart again.  If you have not read any of her books, I would suggest Thicker than Blood.  Be prepared with wine, tissues, maybe some chocolate.  Her books are horror and are dark.


Eli Constant
Eli is the author of the Dead Tree books which are really good and really creepy.  She is also part of two “State of Horror” anthologies, stories that are based on specific places in each state.  Start with book 1 from her Dead Trees Series  Keep Them Alive.


Elizabeth Raven
She may not have as many books as the other authors on this page, but her first book, Matanza’s Moon is not only a fun story, but one that is different than many other metaphysics based fictions.


Boone Brux
I have only read her Grim Reaper series, but if her other books are as good, take a chance on them.  So even though she has a bunch I would suggest picking up the first in her series about a stay at home mom turned full-time reaper,  To Catch Her Death.  So I met Boone at a conference and she is as nice as she looks.  Does having a relationship with an author make me want to promote their books more?  Sure, but that doesn’t discredit their ability as an author.


Deborah Blake
Her Baba Yaga series is really good, I have read the first three and she really does the legend justice in a good way, in that her characters are not evil, child-eating monsters.  To introduce yourself to her books, pick up the first in the Baba series Wickedly Dangerous.


Claire Chilton
So I was introduced to Claire with her Demon Diaries set.  They are not that long, but are packed with characters who you love, hate, and then love again.  Her representations of hell and heaven are unique and really fit with the overall tone of the story.  Pick up Demonic Dora to start the wild ride.


Margo Bond Collins
Margo not only writes some very swoon worthy romance with shifters, but she also books like one about a woman who after being killed ends up in Alabama, not heaven or hell but Alabama.   We suggest Under Her Skin, the first book in the Shifter Shield series.  Just go look at the cover, snakes and tattoos, not much better than that.


C.C. Hogan
For something different than the rest, C.C. Hogan writes a series that is intended for young adults, but also has adult themes.  These are strictly fantasy, full of dragons, alternate lands, and relationships that push the boundaries of where the lines between friends and family blue.  Dirt the first in the series is worth the money and time.   Dirt is also free right now so GO GO GO.


Kristen Painter 
So I am personally a huge fan of her books, I share them with family and friends, I have met her at a conference, she is a really nice person and great author.  She has multiple series but I have only read her Nocturne Series books.  Soon I am hoping to read her Miss Frost series, which is just really a spin-off of the above mentioned Nocturne Series books.  The first book The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride.


Paige Prince
So for a book with a little sex, some intrique, mystery, and treasure hunting try Lost Treasure.  Think National Treasure and Indiana Jones meet a good rated R movie.  Most of her books are very erotic but the one I have read aren’t just about the sex, but about the story behind the sex.  I heard that Paige may be doing a little freebie about Lost Treasure for reviews.  Just sayin’


So that is our list of authors for this Cyber Monday.  If we have forgotten an author we adore, we are sorry, this was a spur of the moment post :).  Look for a future post about additional authors and other gifts for those book lovers who you love.

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