The Crimson Tree by Valerie Puri

The Crimson Tree

By: Valerie Puri
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 212
Published on: Sept 1, 2016
The Crimson Tree by Valerie Puri

Disembodied voices.


Waking nightmares.

Strange occurrences are happening with increased intensity and Carly cannot escape what is tormenting her. With little proof and little support, she is losing everything in her life: her fiancé, friendships, and her sanity.

Can Carly uncover what caused the supernatural derailing of her life? Can she ever get rid of her ghostly tormentor, or is she doomed to be haunted indefinitely? Determined to stop these frightening events, she has to do whatever she can to regain control of her life before things take a deadly turn.

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Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVED the cover for The Crimson Tree. I don’t normally pay too much attention to covers, but this one definitely caught my eye. It’s simple, yet goes with the book perfectly.


This was an interesting story. The main character, Carly, starts to see and hear things that no one else can. It starts to affect her relationship and question her own sanity. She firsts notices there is a problem when she looks at some pictures she took underneath a tree during a picnic with her fiancée and realizes they have no eyes. I got permission from the author to mention that in my review because I didn’t want to ruin anything for anyone. Let me tell you something about me. There are very few things that freak me out. I’m terrified of robots and aliens and I hate spiders. However, the only things that really freak me out are creepy kids, shadow people, and people with no eyes. I don’t know what it is, but you have to have eyes. I was an optometric Tech for 6 years and every one of my patients had either eyes or an artificial eye in the socket. I’ve seen some disgusting, vomit-inducing eyes, but I would take those any day over eyes that just aren’t there.


One of the great things about this book is how the author keeps you wondering what exactly is going on. She tells the story in a way that makes you think you might know, but not quite. Every time you think you’ve got it, something changes. The story itself is pretty creepy, which I enjoy. There is tons of suspense and just when you think you can’t take it anymore, she leaves you a little tidbit of what’s going on.


The Crimson Tree is very creative and detailed. I think there are times where it is a little bit too detailed, but it doesn’t make the story boring or anything, it just gave me more info than I really cared about sometimes. My only real complaint would be that there are other times where I wish she had given more details than she did. I would have liked a little more backstory on why the conflict was there to begin with, and what happened to the other person. It’s hard for me to say more because I don’t want to give anything away.


Overall this was a good book. I enjoyed reading The Crimson Tree and would recommend it to anyone looking for a suspenseful and spooky book. This is the first book by this author, and I look forward to reading more of her books and see how she progresses.


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About Valerie Puri

Valerie Puri has always had a lifelong interest in all forms of artistic expression. She has tried her hand at many things, yet she always finds her way back to reading and writing. With inspiration everywhere, Valerie finally put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) with the intent of publishing her stories.

Writing has always come naturally to Valerie, and for a time she even worked as a technical writer. This experience and her current day job of project manager helps Valerie continue to hone her writing skills. Her true passion lies in the freedom that comes with writing the stories that pour from her imagination and real life inspiration.

Valerie believes that the experiences we have in life are just stories waiting to be written.


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