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Subscription boxes are super popular right now. Finally, there is one out there for us Horror lovers! Andi found the Creepy Crate and I get to review it. The next box will be shipping soon, so you may want to get your order in sooner rather than later. Also, they send out 2 shipments of each box, so if you miss the deadline for the first send out, you still have time for the 2nd. AND if you use the coupon code FFTREVIEWS you will receive a special $5 off coupon for your order!


According to the email I received from them recently, the next box is inspired by Horror themed artwork and that kind of thing.


“This mystery box is inspired by bone-chilling artwork: creepy photographs, serial killer paintings, and even macabre writing utensils that make us a bit squeamish. Plus, each subscriber will get an original, limited-edition T-shirt in their size.

One subscriber will receive this month’s Golden Ticket: a year’s subscription to mystery experience box Hunt a Killer!”



For my upcoming birthday (tomorrow), Andi got me a subscription to Creepy Crate. This makes my black little heart ecstatic! Before now, I really didn’t have any desire to subscribe to any sort of box thing. I have enough bills already and I’m not generally a fan of paying for stuff without knowing what I’m getting. I’m just weird like that.


Let me just tell you how excited I was when I opened my first Creepy Crate. Very. I was very excited. Lol. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. It takes a lot for me to get excited about stuff, but this blew me away.

Their stock pic of the box is way prettier than mine, but you know how it is.

Inside was a variety of things obviously. There was a super cute limited edition pin, a strawberry flavored eyeball lollipop, a coupon code for a free horror book and 3 month subscription to the online horror channel, Shudder and a Bates Motel room key type keychain which my 16-year-old promptly stole from me. But my 2 favorite items in the box were the Blood shower gel in a blood bag and the serial killer cards. YES FREAKIN SERIAL KILLER CARDS!!!

Yes, I know, I take horrible pics. I was just too excited. Yeah, that’s what we will go with!

I don’t actually know how much stuff is in the average subscription box because I don’t have experience with those, but I’ll tell you, the items in this box may not have been plentiful, but I can’t even tell you how much excitement those damn cards have given me. I even took them with me to one of my book events. There is one card that is blank and I keep telling my husband if he keeps his shit up, my picture is going on it! I’ll never use the shower gel, it goes on my horror shelf, and I let my kid eat the eyeball (she said it was delicious btw).

she had already inhaled half of it before I could get a pic.

So overall, my Creepy Crate experience was great. I now have something to look forward to every other month and I know each box will have the kind of disturbing things in it only twisted people like us can enjoy!


You can order your own Creepy Crate by going to

And don’t forget to enter your code FFTREVIEWS for your discount!

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