Creepy Crate #3 Horror Movie Fun


I feel much more gratification after the delivery of this month’s Creepy Crate by The Lineup than I did with the last box I received. I felt almost as much excitement as I did when I opened that very first box. I didn’t immediately go running through the house like my ass was on fire due to the excitement of my serial killer cards, BUT this box was stillĀ funĀ to open.


With each shipment, The Lineup tries to create a unique experience with a variety of items. Each month is themed, which is why I had a problem with the last box I received. I thought it fell short of my expectations. I didn’t want to give up on them because I’m sure there are other people who enjoy different things than me.


Ronin stole the Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Visor


This box contained items related to horror movies. There was a cute little Camp Crystal Lake Counselor visor from “Friday the 13th“, a coloring book of “Night of the Living Dead“, and an issue of the horror magazine Scream.


There was a magnet for the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining” and a cute canvas tote bag with a quote from the movie “Psycho“. I was at a book conference in Orlando last weekend called Indie Bookfest and I used this bag all weekend. I received quite a few compliments about it.


As with the last 2 boxes, there was a card with the info for a free download of a book that is completely useless to me. If the books could be downloaded to my Kindle, I would absolutely read and review them. Unfortunately, they can only be downloaded to your phone (maybe computer, but I don’t think so). I emailed the company after the first box asking about this because I thought maybe I wasn’t doing it right, but it turned out I had done it exactly how I was supposed to. So that has been a disappointment with each box.


Overall, this is a fun crate to get. Granted the 2nd box was anti climactic at the time, but I still use the John Wayne Gacy coffee cup all the time and wear the t-shirt regularly, so it wasn’t a total fail. If you are interested in trying it out, if you use my coupon code (FFTREVIEWS) you will get a discount.


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