Crave by Yan Lazaro


By: Yan Lazaro
Genres: Horror
Pages: 177
Crave by Yan Lazaro

Corey's quiet, mundane life is completely turned upside down when he wakes up with a craving he's never had before: a craving for blood.

The dilemma gets escalated when he forms a romantic relationship with the quiet girl at work.

Corey does his best to keep a normal life with his dog Jordan and his narcissistic best friend Pete, all while finding ways to obtain fresh supplies of blood to satiate his never ending craving.


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Crave by Yan Lazaro is an interesting kind of book. It’s about a guy who suddenly starts craving blood and can’t eat regular food. When he gets a girlfriend, things get complicated.


There were things I liked and things I didn’t like about this book. Lets get the bad out of the way. I felt like the first 2/3 of the book were kind of boring (for me). Corey tells us his day to day activities and there isn’t really much excitement. I also wish the author had given some sort of resolution to the reasoning behind the blood craving. ***SPOILER ALERT*** We never find out why he started craving blood! That drove me kind of crazy.


I did like the authors writing style. I liked the way the characters were developed and the inclusion of the dog, Jordan. I thought Madeline was a right crazy chick from the beginning. Either she gave off that vibe or like can spot like lol. Once the story picked up, it took off amazingly. I just wish it had happened sooner. The action was definitely interesting and fun to read.


This isn’t a bad book, it was just slow in the beginning and I almost put it down because of it. If you can get through the first parts of Crave, you won’t be disappointed by the ending. I was somewhat surprised, and I think the author did a good job of wrapping things up (other than the why of the blood drinking).


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