The Good, The Bad, The Ugly… COVERS!!!

The other day I was reading a post from a publisher that I follow and it really got me thinking.  Here is the original post  Wizards Keep Publishing The Importance of Covers


After some covers which have caused me to not want to read the books I have decided that I was not going to look at them until after I was done with the book.  It has worked a lot better, but THEN I realized I cringed when I looked at the cover and it didn’t match up with the book or was just so poorly done that I couldn’t stand to look at it.


I usually will not say anything in the review if the cover is really bad unless it just doesn’t make sense, but it will never decrease the fang ranking.  Now a perfectly groomed and beautiful cover will also not make me increase my fang ranking, but it does make me happy.  A happy reviewer is a good thing, especially if you have more than one book.


I decided to write this now because two things happened.  One, I received a book in the mail that had a very simple yet profound cover that I just can’t get over and I wanted to let everyone know about it.  I review it later, I think next week, but I couldn’t keep the excitement to myself.


So here is the cover of Spider Eats Fright.





See, it is very simple, with tea, a little blossom, a plate, and some paper wall with red, maybe blood.  But it encompasses the book so well that I can’t stop looking at it.  Okay so I also loved the book, but more to the point is that it just resonates with me.


Sadly there are so many books that I could find with poor covers and why they are poor but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I also think that Wizards Keep does a good job at explaining why some covers have gone bad.


Do you know of any bad covers that come with really good books?  What is your line at what makes a bad cover?  Let us know.


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