Cover Reveal: Biting Back – A Vampire in London Mystery

Ms. Mayes is at it again with her snarky yet wonderful characters.  This newest book: Biting Back – A Vampire in London Mystery follows a young Amelia while she is trying to live a normal life in London. Only, can life really be normal when you sleep during the day, have a sexy day watcher, and realize that this time you will have to fight for your life, normal or not.


I LOVE LOVE this cover. 

What happens when you’re a vampire?


You eat, you sleep, you spend time with friends. Oh and you try to have a life. Pretty much the same things you do when you’re not a vampire. Only eating consists of blood and spending time with friends involves flying.


Amelia Stuart is an average vampire in London, living a pretty good life. That is until her Master decides that she needs a day watcher, which is conveniently the same time a very attractive werewolf shows up at her door. Amelia’s life is about to get more interesting as she juggles cohabiting with a Werewolf and finding out just who murdered her next-door neighbor.


Soon more bodies start to fall, leaving a messy trail of clues that could implicate someone close to Amelia herself. If Amelia does not find the killer soon, the entire supernatural world could be engulfed in a battle that could spell the end of their existence, if not the existence of mankind. The sooner that Amelia hunts down the killer, the sooner she can go back to living life like any normal, average vampire should. Werewolf in tow.



I have already read this book and let me tell you it is REALLY good. It has good character development, strong dialog, and good ole down and dirty fight.  Not only that but two really good things that this book has is that it takes what you think about Vampires and tweaks it.  The other thing that this does is not only talk about Vampires, but also refers to Werewolves, Pixies, Sprites, and even a Vixen.


So before Biting Back, Ms. Mayes wrote Afterlife or Death.  This book is available on Amazon and is a very good read.



Afterlife or Death Cover



Purchase Link for Afterlife or Death




About June Mayes

Ms. June Mayes is a Cape Cod born and bred writer who lived in London for 10 years before returning home. She is a hopeless romantic with a passion for writing all sorts of genre. Her days are spent juggling family life, walking the dog, writing and reading books, more books and even more books! She always love to hear from fans!



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