Come What May by Kevin Lee Swaim Review

Come What May

By: Kevin Lee Swaim
Genres: Horror
Pages: 214
Series: The Sam Harlan Series #1
Publisher: Picadillo Publishing
Published on: July 13, 2014
Come What May by Kevin Lee Swaim Review

Until he met vampire hunter Jack Harlan, Sam Fisher lived a quiet, peaceful life. Now that dark creatures have murdered his wife and kidnapped his daughter, Sam must learn everything he can from his new mentor to find his little girl before it's too late.


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Come What May by Kevin Lee Swaim is a fast paced and action packed book about a man, Sam Fisher, trying to find his daughter before she’s murdered like her mother by vampires.


For me, in some ways, this book reminded me of the movie Blade. Sam meets Jack Harlan, who is a vampire hunter. Jack completely reminds me of Whistler from the Blade movies. I saw him as the personality of Whistler with a combined appearance of Jeff Bridges’s character in R.I.P.D.  and Kris Kristofferson. Jack was definitely  my favorite character.


The story flows super fast, but not too fast to keep up with. There is quite a bit of violence, and these aren’t your stereotypical romanticized vampires. They are the monsters as they were originally born. Thankfully, they don’t sparkle, but they are definitely assholes. They are violent and cruel and everything a nightmare should be.


Sam is pretty likeable as a character, but he’s a bit hard headed (as many men are). He really is devastated by his wife’s murder and his daughter’s disappearance at the hands of the vampires. He seems like a sweet guy, though maybe he doesn’t realize much of what is really going on around him.


There are some pretty good twists and turns. Things I didn’t see coming until right before they happened. The back stories are interesting and help shape the story just when they are needed. There are funny moments, as well as heartbreaking, so the reader gets a full range of emotion from this book.


Come What May was an overall great read. It is good for readers who aren’t looking for romance with their monsters and enjoy violent action in their books. This is a book I could see making a good movie.


5 fangs


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About Kevin Lee Swaim

Kevin Lee Swaim studied creative writing with David Foster Wallace at Illinois State University.

He's currently the Subject Matter Expert for Intrusion Prevention Systems for a Fortune 50 insurance company located in the Midwest. He holds the CISSP certification from ISC2.

When he's not writing, he's busy repairing guitars for the working bands of Central Illinois.

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