Coffin Cemetery by Ron Ripley

Coffin Cemetery

By: Ron Ripley
Genres: Paranormal, Horror
Coffin Cemetery by Ron Ripley

The dead speak and one man hears their harrowing cries...
Dan Tate survived a heart-breaking tragedy and is plagued by nightmares of his terrifying ordeal. Withdrawing into an emotionless shell, he has driven away everyone who cared about him. Dan is lost, and utterly alone. Until he hears the voices…

In Coffin Cemetery, the anguished spirits cry out to him. Lost souls, torn from their places of rest, are seeking a way to move on. Dan wants to help these wandering ghosts find some measure of peace, in the hopes that, he too can finally put his past behind him.

But Dan isn’t the only one who speaks with the dead. Janet Ladd also hears their call and intends to use these tormented souls to fulfill her darkest desires. She unleashes bloodthirsty wraiths to do her bidding.

Dan and the ghost of a young boy are the only ones standing in her way. Unless Dan can overcome the torment inside his soul, the enemy’s dark power will grow even stronger…

And a new tragedy will haunt Dan’s nightmares. 

Also by this author: Moving In, Soul Harvest, Silent Death

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Coffin Cemetery is a great start to the newest series. I’ve come to look forward to each book released by Ripley. They are somewhat similar just due to the nature of his ghosts and they’re all in the same world, but it doesn’t take away from the story. Each book has its own quirks and characters. The characters are easy to love or easy to hate, depending on the situation.


The only thing I can say that bothers me with this book (and his others) is that I don’t care for how the ghosts can physically touch their victims, but the victims can’t make physical contact with the ghosts. To me, that feels unbalanced. Despite that concept, I have loved almost all of Ripley’s books. There is plenty of action to keep my interest and the character development works for me.


I definitely recommend this series and I look forward to reading the rest of it.



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About Ron Ripley

Ron Ripley is a husband and father surviving in New England, a place which seems to be getting colder every day. He grew up across from a disturbingly large cemetery where he managed to scare himself every night before going to bed. Mostly because of the red lights that people put in front of the headstones. Those things are just plain creepy to a kid.

Ron enjoys writing horror, military history and driving through the small towns of New England with his family, collecting books and giving impromptu lectures on military history to his family, who enjoy ignoring him during those dreadful times.

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