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So because Coastal Magic was during February, and our 28 Bloody good reviews, we did not want to stop the reviews for our wrap-up, but since the 29th is a bonus day. We decided to compile all of our 5 star reviews for authors who were at Coastal Magic.  We also are going to give a brief personal wrap up.    Also for a special kick off from our bloody good reviews and Coastal Magic, I, Andi have a box full of goodies from Coastal Magic.  You may be surprised on what is in there.

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COASTAL magic 2015


andi hand 2


I could have gone for a smaller image of my name, but what can I say, I love the bloody hand print, and I felt it was appropriate since this is February.



This was my first Coastal Magic, which has been running since 2013.  In 2013 it was Olde City, New Blood and was held in St. Augustine.  In 2014 it was moved to Daytona Beach and renamed Coastal Magic, nice Daytona is on the beach, I think.  Don’t quote me since I am just assuming that is the reason for the name change.



So I went to not only go to the convention but to hang out with Melanie, the other half of Fangfreakintasticreviews.  She if you didn’t already know, was the brain child behind this blog, and I am just a newcomer.  Fang Freakin is a featured blogger for the event, which means that we help do the swag bags that all participants receive who check in and we help moderate the panels with the lovely authors.  Because each blog technically only has one “blogger” for this purpose, I got to pretty much run amok, although I did help whenever I could.



There were over 30 panels that dived into the fun, the sexy, and the serious when it comes to why books are written, what an author does to get into the mood, and what authors expect from readers, as well as what readers expect from authors.  My favorite panel was probably the loving to laugh, because we talked about lady parts :P.  Or maybe the panel that discussed real like paranormal, and just how many individual who write paranormal refuse to live in a house that could have been spit in by someone else.  Every author has their own personality and many of these authors have multiple pen names, which really mean multiple personalities essentially.   For Example, Jade Lee writes Victorian, Regency Romance, but her alter ego Kathy Lyons writes Paranormal romance.  Yes both are romance, but they are completely different.  Or what about the authors who write down and dirty erotica and middle school aged paranormal books.



In the four days, I drank with great authors, I had dinner and lunch with a variety of writers, bloggers, and readers.  I met some amazing individuals in all three categories.  Not only that but it really got my blood flowing for why I enjoy this and what I want to do with my life, I didn’t realize that five days in the rain could do that, but it did and for that I am forever thankful.
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