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Hello everyone!!


I’ve seen quite a few conversations recently, involving people wanting to check out some books by our Featured Authors, before February. I think that’s a FANTASTIC idea!! We’ve all got some favorites attending, but there are also some authors who are new to us, with new stories that are sure to become favorites.


In an effort to help everyone find a place to start… and because we all love contests… we’re going to do a READING CHALLENGE!!


We’ve got 17 weeks until Coastal Magic (AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! *flails*), so the challenge is set up for one book each week. (Of course, if you read through them faster, and want to read more, that’s ok, too!!)


I asked our Featured Authors what book readers should start with, if they’d never read anything from them before. You can find the Google spreadsheet listing by clicking on the link HERE, or by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. If you’ve already read some from an author, feel free to pick up where you’ve left off. The list is just a starting point for those who want a little direction.


Rules, Rules, Rules! 

The rules for the contest are:


1. Choose a book from a featured author to read. 17 books are required to enter the contest. I suggest reading one book each week, but you can certainly go at a faster pace, if you prefer.


2. After you’ve read your choice of book, leave a “review” on ANY site that you choose. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ANYTHING LONG OR FANCY. It simply has to be something that demonstrates that you’ve actually read the book. Three or four lines that mention your favorite aspects of the book, or something unique about the story, or even a reason why you didn’t care for it, if that happens to be the case. There is NO requirement for the location (online retail sites, Goodreads, your own blogsite, etc.), and NO requirement for any particular rating. Be honest in your comments, we’re just looking for a way to verify that you read the book.


3. After you’ve read 17 titles, use the Google form (link below) to list permalinks to each of your reviews. (If you need help finding your links, just let me know.) Submitting the completed form enters you into the contest.


4. On February 1st, I’ll choose TWO WINNERS. One winner who is registered to attend Coastal Magic, and one who is not. The attending winner will receive a prize pack of books and other goodies in Daytona. The non-attending winner will receive a Welcome Bag from the convention, filled with extra goodies. (Our bags are always pretty epic, so this is a really cool prize!)


In addition to your own reading, we’ve got a Facebook Event set up to host miscellaneous book conversations, and even some author Q&A’s. Feel free to join the event group to participate, if you like, although it’s not required if you’d rather not.


There you have it. An easy-peasy way to not only find some awesome new books to read, but also chat with other readers, AND win some really cool prizes!!


So… WHO’S IN??


coastal magic authors 2016



(for after you’ve read 17 titles)





This post was written by Jennifer Morris and first posted to the Coastal Magic WebsiteI have made minor adjustments to this post with permission to post and alter from Jennifer.



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