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Last week I made a post about an author interview I did with Claire Chilton for Little Read Riding Hood’s Favorite Authors February Event. Today, I am posting another interview from that same event for those of you who may have missed it. Enjoy!


One of my absolute favorite authors that I have discovered in the last year is Claire C. Riley. I started with her book Limerence. I enjoyed the book, the vampire in that book had some serious stalker issues! You can see my review of Limerence  HERE. Next came Odium: The Dead Saga. Let me just tell you right now, up until that point, I really hadn’t read a zombie book that I can say I actually ENJOYED or felt. Odium was amazing. Claire’s writing style is something beautiful in and of itself that is unique and fresh. She continued to trap me in her world with Odium Origins, and will be keeping me entertained for quite sometime. She tortures me with her stories and I love it and beg for more! You can see my reviews of Odium: The Dead Saga HERE and Odium Origins HERE.


Claire was cool enough to allow me to torture her a bit myself for once and gave me this interview. She really is one of the coolest authors I have had the pleasure of getting to not only read her books, but get to work with as well. She loves to hear from her readers, and don’t forget, leaving a review for an author on Amazon or Goodreads can really make an authors day!



Claire C Riley


My Interview With Claire C. Riley



Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a book obsessed, tattoo loving, bitter drinking, swear like a sailor thirty something red head. I hate liars and cheats and hold grudges, but will fall in love with people who make me laugh and offer me cake! I’m from the UK, but one day plan to live somewhere else, maybe Canada- I like the mountains. Growing up my parents listened to all sorts of music and got me to be open-minded about everything and everyone. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and say it like it is, which gets me into trouble.


How long have you been writing?

About two years seriously, but I’ve always been writing.


What made you want to write about zombies?

I’ve been deeply interested in zombies since watching George Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’ when I was a kid. I caught it late one Saturday night after my parents had gone to bed, and have been hooked ever since.

I’ve also always loved the whole apocalypse and post-apocalypse thing. The struggle for survival and how far people would go to survive. Put those two things together and I came up with ‘Odium. The Dead Saga.’


How do you think you would do in an actual zombie apocalypse?

I would be dead within the first week, ha ha ha. I’m actually a total wimp, though I have learnt quite a few survival things since writing Odium and Odium Origins. As you know, I ask readers to fill in survival questionnaires and then a base a character on them. I’ve had some epic ideas come up which I think would help me survive. I’d just need a kick ass team with me.


Since you write about zombies, I know you’ve thought about it, so without giving away too many details, what is your zombie apocalypse plan?

My kids school. Seriously. There’s a six foot high metal fence all the way around the place, with big locks. Inside there is food and medical gear, space for exercise, books. I think we’d last there for a quite a bit. There’s also quite a few vehicles, so we could use them to go out foraging. Of course, if the zombie apocalypse started during the day, I’d be staying well clear. No way do I want to fight kid zombies!


What’s your favorite part of being an author?

The people that I get to meet. Readers, bloggers and other writers alike. You’re all so cool, and if it wasn’t for writing, I wouldn’t have got to talk to you, or work with some great people.


What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about authors?

That it’s easy and we earn tons of money. It isn’t, and we really don’t.


Since you live in England, has it been hard reaching your American audience?

You know, it’s actually been easier than reaching my own UK audience. You guys have great taste and are much friendlier than us Brits!


Do you have any plans to come to the US any time soon?

I would love in the next couple of years to come over there and do a couple of book conventions and get to meet some of the other amazing writers I speak to daily and meet some of my fans. So yes. Definitely sometime in the future.


Have you ever been to the US?



Strangest place you’ve gotten an idea for a story, other than she shower, you would be surprised how many people say the shower!

My kids are Catholic, and we were sat in church waiting for my daughter to do her Holy Communion and I had a great idea for a zombie story! That’s coming up in Odium Origins Part Two.


Who are your favorite authors to read?

I have too many favorite authors. I’m a bit of a genre jumper, so I read pretty much anything. I love Madeline Sheehan, Eli Constant, Mark Tufo, Amy Queau. Seriously, the list is endless, and they all write different genres. (Eli is absolutely amazing, I read one of her short stories that I still can’t get out of my head months later! I’ve met Madeline, she’s hilarious and awesome!~Melanie)


Do you fan girl over any specific authors?

Not normally. I don’t tend to fan girl at all. People are just people, granted some are way cooler than others, but to me, everyone is on an even peg. You have to earn that pedestal.


What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you as an author?

I love it, I mean really love it when readers make artwork and send it to me. I’ve had quite a bit posted to my wall now, and it just cheers me right up. Anything like that, I think is awesome. When someone goes out of their way to show you that they give a shit about you and your work, that rocks my side of the world. (I think it’s awesome to hear author’s appreciating their readers the way you do. As a reader, I know how excited I get when I get a response from an author I love! ~Melanie)


If you could go back and get one thing from your childhood, what would it be and why?

I still have everything from my childhood. At least I think I do.


If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?

There’s a lot of people I’d like to meet, but one of them would have to be Bob Marley. That guy talked a lot of sense, he was inspirational. I mean, he believed that you could cure hatred with love and music. He believed everyone had the right to be free, and that you choose your own destiny and he was right.


Is there anything you think your readers would be surprised to know about you?

I hate magicians, clowns and spiders? Ha ha ha. Oh, and I still get my ID checked nearly everywhere even though I’m like 32!  (I seriously hate magic. I can’t stand magic tricks or even movies about magic. My brain just shuts right off as soon as it starts!  And I seriously HATE spiders. I even have trouble killing them because I’m scared I’ll miss and they will try to eat me.~Melanie)


If we were to get arrested together, or be on the news together, what would it be for?

Probably fighting. Ha ha. We both seem to have fierce tempers when pushed, so I’m sure we’d get into a lot of trouble! (Dang, you do know me pretty well! ~Melanie)


Do you have any serious pet peeves?

Arrogant people. Obnoxious people. People who look down on others.


Where is the most exciting place you have visited in connection to either a book or book event.

None yet! Booooooo (I think you should definitely start with Florida! ~Melanie)


What is your most embarrassing book related moment?

Can’t think of any haha (Give it time my friend, come hang out with me and I can embarrass us both! lol ~Melanie)


What do we have to look forward to from you and your books?

There’s loads coming up this year! I have the release of Odium II & Odium Origins Part Two. Hopefully Limerence II also.

I’ve also started a new series of books—Sexy, messed up romances, but I don’t know if I’ll release them until I have all three written. I have a ton of stories coming out in anthologies. One of them I’m especially proud of –Let’s Scare Cancer to Death’ It’s a charity anthology, where every cent, dime, dollar, pound etc is going directly to the V-foundation charity. There’s a great lineup in it, and I’m truly proud that I could contribute.

So yeah, lots to come.(I’ve heard about some of the awesome authors that are included in that anthology. I can’t wait to read it! ~Melanie)


What are you currently reading and what is the best book you have read recently?

I tend to read three or four books at a time as I like to switch between genres. So firstly right now I’m reading –Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues’by Diana Rowland’The Beautiful Dead‘- by Daryle Banner, Quintessentially Q‘- by Pepper Winters, and the best books I read recently wereRaw‘- by Belle Aurora andThe Lost Soulsby Madeline Sheehan’  (I just ordered and received the three current books that make up the White Trash Zombie series. I’m really excited to start reading them!~Melanie)





Music – my music collection is wide like my book collection. I like anything from punk, rock, metal, hip hop, reggae. I’m not fussy, if I like it, I like it. I don’t care what people think.

Movie – True Romance!

Vacation spot – anywhere! I like adventures!

Halloween costume – Rag doll

Avenger – Iron Man or the Hulk

Dessert– Chocolate fudge cake, or anything zesty with lemons in.

Sport Urghhhhh (Is that a zombie walk urghhhh? I think that counts as a “sport”~Mel)

Comic book – I used to read the Talk Girl and Spiderman comics!

Cartoon  I watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my middle monster.


This or That


Vampires or werewolves  vampires. It just looks far too painful to be a werewolf

Beach or mountains – I can’t choose, I could take either.

Cats or dogs  dogs

Beer, wine, or liquor – beer

Paperback or e-reader  – paperback

Chocolate or vanilla – BOTH!



Purchase Links


Odium: The Dead Saga:
Amazon   B&N  


Odium: Origins:
Amazon   B&N   


Amazon   B&N    


Pre-order Let’s Scare Cancer To Death:





About Claire C. Riley

Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International bestselling author with almost twenty novels of various genres to her credit.

A lover of all things dark and dirty, she likes to write characters you love to hate but can’t help falling in-love with. She isn’t afraid to challenge herself, or her readers, to step outside of their comfort zones.

She also writes under the pen name of Cee Cee Riley, where she writes in the MC romance and post-apocalyptic romance genres.

Claire lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, three daughters and one naughty beagle, where she can be found whiling away her days playing board games with her kids and reading.


Author of:


Odium The Dead Saga Series

Odium Origins Series

Limerence (The Obsession Series)

Out of the Dark Series,

Twisted Magic,

Beautiful Victim

Blood Claim


Co-authored books with Madeline Sheehan:


Thicker than Blood,

Beneath Blood & Bone,

& Shut Up & Kiss me,


And by Cee Cee Riley:


The Ride or Die a Devil’s Highwaymen MC Novel Series

And coming in November – The Devil’s Highwaymen NOMAD series.

Author of:

Odium The Dead Saga Series

Odium Origins Series

Limerence (The Obsession Series)

Out of the Dark Series,

Twisted Magic,

Co-authored books with Madeline Sheehan:

Thicker than Blood,

Beneath Blood & Bone,

& Shut Up & Kiss me,

And soon to be released by Cee Cee Riley:

The Ride or Die Series



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