Choosing Evil by Kristina Rienzi Review

Choosing Evil by Kristina Rienzi Review

Choosing Evil

By: Kristina Rienzi
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, urban fantasy
Pages: 263
Series: Ensouled Trilogy #1
Publisher: Midnight Frost
Published on: November 25, 2014
Choosing Evil by Kristina Rienzi Review

Serafina Murano is no stranger to the paranormal. All of her life she’s lived harmoniously alongside demons. Damon Serpe is a conflicted demon on a mission. Unexpectedly, they collide into each other’s lives and are inexorably drawn to one another.

Dark deadly secrets, gut wrenching betrayal, and elusive questions haunt her and have her entire life. Instinctively, Serafina realizes Damon holds the key to her understanding. If she trusts him, can he help decipher her recurring nightmares and unravel the mysteries surrounding her?

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, she must select her path and make a difficult choice. One which will change her, and perhaps the world, forever.

Will Serafina embrace the truth and face her evil?

Would you?


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A Message from the Author


Hey guys!

Thank you so much for stopping by today to check out my debut novel, Choosing Evil! This baby was a labor of love, for sure. And, its tagline, ‘Embrace Your Inner Demon’ has already raised some eyebrows around my small beach town (oops!).

Well, if you’re into the paranormal like I am, it won’t shock you to know the demons in Choosing Evil are not only sexy and bad-ass, but full of emotional baggage and human appeal.

While Choosing Evil is Serafina’s story, her love interest, Damon is a giant part of it. If you like what you read, get ready for the sequel, Breaking Evil, which I’m hoping to release in 2015. Both books are part of The Ensouled Trilogy, which not only pits good against evil, but makes each character, and reader, question what evil really means to them.

I hope you have fun today getting introduced to Choosing Evil, and me! Don’t forget to find me on social media and, of course, sign up for my giveaways below 🙂

Thank you again for helping me celebrate Choosing Evil’s release!





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Melanie’s Review

Choosing Evil was pretty interesting. It had a different take on the potential for one to become a demon. In Choosing Evil, Demons live side by side with humans suppressing their more sinister and violent demonic traits. In this story, we follow Seraphina. She is a troubled young lady who is low on family but has some pretty loyal friends, mostly. Her 30th birthday is fast approaching and she finds out something a week before her birthday that could completely change her whole life, or at least her perception of her life.


Serafina is a woman with a hell of a struggle. It’s not just one struggle she’s dealing with, but several. She found her mother dead from suicide at age 10. She has to choose the right path and make a life changing decision with little to no help. Serafina also meets a guy. A hot guy. A hot demon guy.The title gives some insight into the story itself and Serafina’s life choices.


Choosing Evil isn’t a bad book. It’s nicely written, the characters are interesting, the basic story line was cool. The reason I’m only giving it 3.5 stars is because, for me, it felt like it was just dragging along. To me, it was a very slow read. I’m not a slow read kind of person. I have to have fast paced and action.


I would recommend Choosing Evil who is looking for a slower paced book with unique ideas that focuses on demonic and human relations.


I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The receipt of this book does not alter my opinion one way or another, nor does it guarantee a favorable review.


3.5 fangs


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Already late, Serafina began sprinting toward her building. She was still deep in thought and failed to pay attention. A second later, she slammed into what felt like a brick wall. Her coffee cup filled with mocha latte went flying, landing all over an impeccable pinstriped suit.

She stopped breathing when shefaced the victim of her morning beverage. A handsome bronzed man, almost two feet taller than Serafina, stood in front of her. His irises were so light they looked almost clear. They held a world of intrigue and reeled her right in. Those iridescent opal eyes were magnificent and haunting, telling her almost everything she needed to know about him. He was a demon.

His smile was perfection, revealing a set of incredibly beautiful teeth. He was stunning and he wasn’t human. Serafina wiped her moist palms on her dress and gave him a half-smile. “I’m so sorry.” She rummaged through her purse for napkins or tissues, not fully understanding why the universe had chosen this moment, a time when her best self wasn’t present, to meet a gorgeous demon, like him.

“No problem, I’m Damon.” His smoky voice made her shudder with pleasure.

“Serafina,” she lowered her voice but it didn’t sound natural and it wasn’t nearly as sultry as she wished it had been. She stepped forward to shake Damon’s hand and her heel caught on the pavement. As she began to tip over, he grabbed her arm and pulled her up straight, all in one swift motion. Now attached to him, her arms wrapped around his waist in desperation. When she realized what she was doing, she shuffled away from him and tried regain her balance.

“Are you okay?” His expression showed his concern.

“I’m fine. But, I didn’t have my coffee yet.”  Serafina tried to flatten the wrinkles in her dress and right herself.

Damon laughed, catching her off guard. Relieved, Serafina laughed too. She didn’t expect her attempt at humor to work. Given her morning, she didn’t think there was any wittiness in her to begin with, let alone, for it to come with such ease.

When Serafina’s laid eyes on the mess she had made, her posture went rigid. It was a coffee crime scene, straight out of a forensic textbook. Luminal would have exposed her caffeine attack for all to see. For her assault, she should have been handcuffed on the spot. “I’ve ruined your clothes.”

Damon brushed himself off and buttoned up his suit jacket. “I’m fine.”

“Yes, you are.” Serafina meant to say it in her head, or at the least under her breath, but it had come out of her mouth loud and clear. Her face became hot in an instant, so she began fanning herself.

“This might sound like a line, but I’m glad you bumped into me. Where are you from?” Damon’s eyes twinkled, but his question sounded forced as if he already knew her answer.

“Home, today that is.” She failed horribly at making another joke. “But I’ve lived at the Jersey Shore all of my life.” She tried to redeem herself “And, yes, it did sound like a line.” He was definitely the new one in town. “Did you move here recently?”

Damon shook his head. “I’m as new as you. I’ve lived in Rivershore for many years. I work in Maroon County and for just as long.”

Rivershore was an upscale town not far from where she grew up in the modest beach town of Silver Lake. Although she had worked in the city for several years, Serafina spent all of her free time at the Jersey Shore, mainly Maroon County. Even more coincidentally, Serafina would turn thirty years old soon, so Damon was technically the same age as her. Demons never aged past the age of thirty.

From what he said, they had shared the commonality of living and working in nearby towns. So, it didn’t make sense she had never seen him before. Clearly, he had a knack for hiding. However, many years in demon terms could have been any amount of time since demons were practically immortal.

She studied him for more reasons than one, although he was striking and easy to admire. Damon’s exquisite appearance reminded her of a model or an actor. He had a rugged look, yet he was polished. He wore his expensive suit coupled with his five o’clock shadow as if it were a fashion statement. His ebony hair was long enough to push behind his ears. He was a unique mix of a tattoo artist and a Hollywood movie star. The combination really worked for him.

Serafina’s eye contact with him was firm but her muscles lost all of their tension. “Where exactly do you work? I can’t believe I’ve never seen you before.” She felt weak as she visually devoured Damon. She was certain she would have remembered him if she had seen him before. The fact their paths had never crossed was inexplicable to her. Then, so was the supernatural. Humans living with a paranormal reality made anything possible.

Right as Damon was about to answer, hiswatch alarm went off. He silenced it. “I’ve got to run, but it was nice meeting you, Serafina. I hope to bump into you again, and soon.”  He touched her arm lightly in a goodbye gesture and once more flashed his award-winning smile.

By the time Serafina summoned the nerve to reply, “Me too,” he was already gone.

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