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Every 2 months, a new issue of BTS Magazine is released. Andi and I are both reviewers for the magazine, and I am also the Author Liaison and Promotions Asst. I love working with this magazine because it gives me more opportunities to share the books and authors I love with a whole new audience.


In this issue, you will find reviews for Keith Rommel, Eli Constant, Emily Cyr, Nikki Jefford, HD Smith, Robbie Cox, and my review for Thicker Than Blood, co-written by Claire C. Riley and Madeline Sheehan. Even if you have already seen my reviews for those books here on the blog, take a minute and check them out in the magazine, as I have rewritten each of them.


In addition to my reviews, there are also several articles featuring authors you have seen here on FFT! Claire C. Riley, L. Marshall James, Nikki Jefford’s Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series, and T.A. Kunz.


Ready to read it now?  Here is the link to September/October’s Issue Or you can click on the cover below.



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