Book Review!! The Last Infection by Michael Garza

The Last Infection: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

By: Michael W. Garza
Genres: Horror
Pages: 218
Publisher: Severed Press
Published on: July 11, 2014
Book Review!!  The Last Infection by Michael Garza

The Last Infection chronicles the fall of civilization and the rise of the dead and the evolution of the infected.

The infection swept across the country like a tidal wave. Survivors cling to life as the infected own the night and the dead walk the streets. Chris has endured on his own and bumping into Jake and Alicen weren't in his plans. The young brother and sister have plans of their own, but Chris has heard too many promises of sanctuary and infection free zones. Jenn's arrival turns his attention to the one thing he never thought he would face again, hope. They make a pact to reach the kids safe haven, but only time will tell if anyone can survive the last infection.

Also by this author: Children of the Mark

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Hello all,  I received a request from a lovely writer who wanted us to review his book.


The Last Infection by Michael Garza is a post infection novel that follows the story of four main individuals but there are another 3-4 characters that come in for a time and then leave.  I honestly was less than impressed at the beginning, you start with two kids and that was interesting but then you get to a mall *eye roll*.  I mean come on every book with zombies seem to have a mall with dead people and live people.  Thankfully the mall scene was not a main geographical location in the book.  I mean don’t get me wrong a mall can be an interesting location, but it just seemed a little trite.  So I was reading along not really knowing if this was going to be one of those Walking Dead wannabe’s or something new.   It was something new, and I really enjoyed it.

One unique thing about this book is that it isn’t about semi zombies or full zombies it is about both;  the infected which want to eat on humans, but can move as humans move, and as long as they eat they will stay infected – the most dangerous.  Then you have the zombies, which are your typical slow, inner brain functions only that can be easily outrun or manipulated – not as dangerous.  So why two different groups?  Without giving away spoilers this is a very important part of the book and as  the book progresses you will see this.


Yes there similarities to other zombie works, but let’s be honest.. I do not know how one could write something COMPLETELY new and out of the box.   There may be a little thing, like Oh it has zombies, well yeah so do a ton of books.  The similarities, such as the mall do NOT detract from this book.   The writing draws you in, and Michael is a good writer so I was not bored.  There are places in the book that you could skip a page or two and still know what is going on but again that happens with most books.


I also like the character development.  He took the main characters and throughout the book they developed and did not remain static.  Especially for a genre such as Zombie and Post Apocalyptic stories you need to do this or your audience will move on.  His characters really evolve and they all of their own stories that bring this book together.  The bad guys are REALLY bad, and the good guys are good… Also again since this is a Zombie book, don’t expect everyone to make it out alive.. Just saying.


I did not know of Michael Garza prior to this book, and I will be reading his other books, including the prequel to The Last Infection to see how it all started.


4.5 stars

About Michael W. Garza

Michael W. Garza often finds himself wondering where his inspiration will come from next and in what form his imagination will bring it to life. The outcomes regularly surprise him and it's always his ambition to amaze those curious enough to follow him and take in those results. He encourages readers to peek at his latest work as well as the material he's published in the past. He sincerely hopes that everyone will find something that astonishes, surprises, or simply scares the heck out of you.

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