Book Review!!! Bane of the Gods by Dennis Parker


By: Dennis Parker
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 246
Series: Dimidium Angelus #1
Publisher: Mythos Press
Published on: September 30, 2014
Book Review!!! Bane of the Gods by Dennis Parker

As Lucifer fell from Heaven, he was not alone. The Greek and Norse gods, as they would later be known, were originally angels allied with Lucifer in the rebellion against God. Now, their children have found the truth and, under God's command, have bound their parents. The archangels of Hell have made it their mission to release the gods and return them to their former glory. The Dimidium Angelus, as the children are known, fight the forces of evil through thousands of years in order to keep their parents bound. The children find they may be in over their heads, however, as Azazel, the most powerful archangel they have faced in their immortal lives, joins the fight. Only the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy will bring them victory.


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Warning: This does touch on Christianity, Norse Gods, Myths, Legends, Religion. If that upsets you then I wouldn’t read this book.

Now I am a big fan of books that touch on religion, both good and bad. I have read some that make a mockery out of some religions and others that try to explain something. Isn’t that what myths and legends are about? Trying to explain something that is otherwise unexplained.

This book touches on some issues with Lucifer, the fallen angel, and other aspects of the Christian faith that relate to events that are happening now, mass war, genocide, hate, love, etc etc etc. So this isn’t one of those books that if you have a mind like mine can easily read without thinking about how it ties in with everything else.

The story line is good, the plot is solid.  One thing that I was not a huge fan of was his writing style, it just didn’t do the book justice. Do not take my opinion of his writing style to heart though, as everyone relates differently to writing styles.

I did really like the story and give this a solid 4 stars.

4 fangs

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