Book Blitz and Giveaway!! Druid Series 9: Baird by Marata Eros

Book Blitz and Giveaway!!  Druid Series 9: Baird by Marata Eros

The Druid Series: Baird

By: Marata Eros
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal
Series: The Druid Series #9
Published on: August 22nd 2014
Book Blitz and Giveaway!!  Druid Series 9: Baird by Marata Eros

Siana has disappeared. As an Exotic and Druid warrior queen, she is not fully beholden to the magick call of sex slavery as her sister Druid witches. She does not realize as she runs, Baird and Kael follow with opposing agendas.

Now that Jessamine is within the subjugation of the undead, the Druid females will be ruled by the fair hand of Imogen and her Reaper mates, Carrig and Quinn.

Altho, and the gifted Druid female Seraphina, cannot reconcile the inception of their relationship, and her promise to be his as payment. Altho seeks shelter from the Reaper leader, Maghnus… only to discover what is important was not as he thought.

Can Siana obtain the freedom she wishes and the love she denies? Will the new kingdom of Reapers succeed in the protection of their Druid females? Do Altho and Maghnus hold the key to revolutionizing the power structure of both Druid and Reaper?



Hello all my pretties, I am back from Dubai and wanted to quickly send out this Blitz from the lovely Marata Eros.  It is the 9th in the series, so if you haven’t read any before, check them out.

Not only is this book pretty good, but look at the eye candy on the front cover.



Altho slides them up the bark of the tree, their clothing catching on the rough bark, his eyes latching onto each Were as they approach.

It has been many a season since he was unlucky enough to stand face to face with a werewolf.

Something calls them from their reclusive natures.
Altho shifts Seraphina’s weight and his hand comes away with blood.
Of course—Druid blood is a scent that would bring every supernatural who desires it.
“Oh dear goddess,” Seraphina says. “I cannot subdue them.”

Altho knows this. She is the natural complement to a Reaper or pure-blood Druid male such as himself. Seraphina can be used by the Were, but it would be sacrilege and the only gain would be an early genetic tie to the Were. Most Druid breeders have only vampiric lineage.

However, a small percentage have an ancient tie to the cousin of the vampire, both Reaper, Exotic and rogue.

Blood never lies. The Were are renown, like their relative the wolf, to having the most sensitive noses of all species on earth. It is no small matter that Seraphina spills blood and they come.
Altho counts six and his hands slick, his heartbeat thudding in his ears like a river.
His hands come away empty of runes.
There are spells, but without the help of runes, they might be ineffective.
“Do not let them take me, Altho,” Seraphina says, still weak from the feed of the Faction.
Altho knows only the slimmest of escape is possible. He utters the response she most wants anyway.

His arms tighten around her.

Hello all my pretties, I am back from Dubai which was beautiful and I thought we would start this off with a Blitz and a Giveaway.



“Baird.” He tosses his chin toward Carrig and the introductions stall.

Carrig is more amiable than Baird. “What blood are you?”

Titus moves swiftly beside them though he carries Siana’s dead weight. “I am blood of the demonic, and also Exotic.”

“Obviously vampire,” Carrig replies.

“Aye, I am, though I have enough Exotic blood to shadow skip.”

Baird frowns.

“Baird,” Carrig says, but Baird sprints ahead.

He smells the wetness from the hot spring, musty yet sweet. Baird zeroes in on it as he runs, and Titus follows.

They arrive at the water’s edge, and all of them slip off their clothes.

Carrig nudges the edge of his rucksack open and plucks out soap.

Siana moans, flopping an elegant arm over her eyes.

She gasps as hot water slides over her body. Every scratch, wound, and piece of filth responds with a biting sting.

“What?” Siana asks, her voice thick.

“We are bathing then seeking shelter nearby,” Carrig explains.

Baird takes Siana from Titus, and he resists.

Their eyes lock.

“I will not harm the Druid queen, Faction,” Baird says.

Siana holds an arm around Titus’s waist as she half floats in the warm water. “He does not believe you.” She looks up at Titus through half-closed lids.

Carrig snorts, and Baird frowns.

Her naked shoulders lift. “What assurance does he have, based on your rabid behavior?”

Baird casts his eyes to the ground, properly shamed.

When he lifts them, he is more himself. “I wish to have some time to speak alone with you.”

“Ah,” Siana says, “you need but ask. We’re obviously on intimate terms.”

She says her words with mirth. They are barbs sinking into his flesh, and he deserves it.

Siana lets herself be pulled through the water by Baird.

Something tight and hard eases within Baird’s chest when she is beside him.

He kisses the top of her head, wrapping her tightly against himself.

They float away while the other men clean. Only the sounds of splashing can be heard.


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About Marata Eros

Marata Eros (a pen name for Tamara Rose Blodgett), is the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author of A Terrible Love. Marata has more than thirty-five titles in multiple genres including Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance as well as her highly successful Dark Erotica series.

Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband, children and fur kids. She is an ardent reader of many genres. Tamara enjoys interacting with her readers via Twitter, blog and newsletter as often as possible. Please stop by and say hi 🙂

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