Blood Lust by Rhys Wilcox

Blood Lust

By: Rhys Wilcox
Genres: Horror, Vampires
Pages: 220
Series: Blood Lust #1
Blood Lust by Rhys Wilcox

Cameron Mortice has always taken the path of least resistance, which usually means he does nothing. So predictably, when he, his girlfriend and her friends get dragged into a full-scale vampire invasion he just goes with the flow and gets killed too. Then things go from bad to worse for him. With an age-old vampire hunter, supposedly, helping them through it all, the youths have set their priorities to destroy the vampire menace and survive to see another day. Q: How can you fight against an army of super-strength, immortal beings with no morals and no compunction about ripping your head off and sucking on the open wound? A: High caliber, automatic weapons. Well, if you think about it, a bullet is just a very small metal stake. Blood Lust is a high energy, situation-comedy that takes every cliche in the vampire chronicles and gives it new life to produce a tongue-in-cheek, schlock horror, action adventure that just doesn't know when to stop. Until it does.



Blood Lust is one seriously action-packed vampire book. What it’s not, however, is your typical vampire book. Unique and exciting, I’m embarrassed at how long it took me to get around to reading this book.


The first chapter doesn’t have much action, but once it gets going, it’s like a runaway freight train. Cameron and his friends end up in an unexpected war with newly made vampires, fighting for their lives. They are college students, as most of the vampires are. There are comedic bits in it as well, as the characters are pros at making bad jokes (which were amazing btw). Cameron’s death isn’t what you would expect, so be in for a twist on the old vampire myth.


The dynamics of Cameron’s group of friends is great. They are all pretty badass, which I didn’t necessarily expect from them. Danny’s sense of humor and his ability to taunt in the face of danger is hilarious.


Essentially, Blood Lust is hilarious and exciting from start to finish. The action scenes are creative and well written and the comedy is top notch. I’m excited to read the other books in the series.



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