Blame the Goth Girl by Bettina Busiello

Blame the Goth Girl Vol. 1: In the Beginning There Was Bauhaus

By: Bettina Busiello
Genres: Paranormal, Thriller
Blame the Goth Girl by Bettina Busiello

Onyx can smell evil. No one; not even werewolves, wendigos, or vampires, can hide from her once they've committed a crime. When Onyx’s paranormal investigation of a local haunting triggers the death of a divorced mother, she is cut short by the provocative Detective Elliot Stevens. Now she must either tempt Elliot astray from his clean-cut, straight-edged path or change her apathetic ways and learn the truth about who and what she is — before what she doesn't know can kill her.


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Blame the Goth Girl by Bettina Busiello was a really cool book. From the pacing to the character development to the overall story itself, it was put together in a way that was very enjoyable. I loved the sexual tension between Onyx and Elliot.


I thought the female main character, Onyx was fun and quirky, but not annoying. I loved her sense of humor and she was easy to relate to. Her ability to sniff out other supernaturals was entertaining at times. That ability by itself isn’t one I’ve read about many times before so it was nice to have something different to read about. Most of the other characters in this book were also pretty funny in their own ways. Except for Nicki. She was a twat.


I enjoyed the mystery behind the story and how the characters had to come together to achieve what they were trying to accomplish. The story was interesting and easy to follow. I enjoyed this authors writing style and the sarcasm she puts into her characters is something I connect with.


Overall this was a great read for me. I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read full of supernatural stuff and characters with an actual sense of humor.


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About Bettina Busiello

Bettina Busiello is a dreamer by nature with an eccentric sense of humor. She spends most of her waking hours either spinning yarns, venturing online games or cuddling her cat October. She lives in Vermont where she is surrounded by enough fresh air to make her slightly high (which explains a lot).

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