Bewitched Shifter by Tamsin Ley

Bewitched Shifter (Alaska Alphas #3)

By: Tamsin Ley
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 143
Series: Alaska Alphas #3
Publisher: Twin Leaf Press
Published on: April 21, 2020
Bewitched Shifter by Tamsin Ley

Cupcakes and caninesAshlyn Reed came to Alaska to run a bakery, not run from the law. But after she's attacked in a dark alley and the guy ends up dead, the hot detective investigating the case tells her she's not only a werewolf, but his fated mate. Can either one be true?
Whispers of witchesSomeone in town is hexing shifters, and Detective Kepler Stone is determined to hunt them down, especially when it turns out his new mate may be next. But the pack wants Ashlyn eliminated before the curse spreads. Can he solve the case and keep her safe?
Secrets and sacrificeWith the passion between them growing, they stay one step ahead of their foes, but the magic inside Ashlyn may be more than either of them can handle. As witches close in on one side and the pack on the other, will they have to decide between staying together and staying alive?
Welcome to the world of Aurora Shifters, where magic comes to life beneath the northern lights, and the wilderness isn't the only place to find fur and fangs.
About Aurora Shifters: We are a collaboration of Alaskan authors who decided to put our own Arctic spin on hot paranormal shapeshifters. Look for wolves, bears, moose, ravens, seals, and many, many others. Each book stands on its own, with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

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Bewitched Shifter by Tamsin Ley is the third book in the Alaska Alphas series. This book is about Ashlyn Reed who moves to Alaska to start a bakery and get away from life. She finally goes out with some girls and while taking a break outside a man attacks her. When she finally comes to, the man is dead and a hot detective is questioning her.


It is only after he helps her home that she realizes that she is not human. She also realizes that the detective is looking at her as more than a witness to a crime. He is looking at her as a possible killer as well as a possible mate.  There is a lot going on and Ashlyn doesn’t know how to react to it all.


Throw in that someone is hexes supernaturals. By hexing, I mean they are essentially making them rabid. This causes a lot of issues not only among the supernatural community but among the human community as well. It becomes a race for Ashlyn and Detective Stone to find out who is hexes supernaturals, who killed the individual in the alley, and who is coming after Ashlyn.


I really like this series as it is in the same world, but different characters. Each story is slightly different because the authors are different. Their voices ring through into the stories, but they are similar enough to make the stories work together. I also really that they are spotlighting the good and bad side of Alaska. I mean good side in nature, and bad side as in the bad side of humans. Well humans and supernaturals because while yes, they may have an animal inside them, or be a witch, they still have human tendencies.



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