Psychotic Goodness: Bender by M. Stratton Review

 Being bad has never looked so good…


As you know, here at Fang Freakin’ Tastic, we mainly feature books that of the Paranormal or Horror Genres. But every now and then I come across something that is just too good to pass up. Too sick and twisted to NOT fit right in with us.


Bender, by M. Stratton, is just that kind of book. Today is the cover reveal for Bender, and you can also pre-order it from Amazon and Kobo. I was lucky enough to read this book before now and I am including my review so you can get an idea of just how crazy good this book is.




Pages: 168
Published on: February 13, 2015
Psychotic Goodness: Bender by M. Stratton Review

Since high school everyone thought Jake Bender would end up behind bars; after all, he comes from a long line of bad boys. He spent years away from the place he called home. When he finally comes back, everyone thinks he's just a punk kid all grown up who’s now running a dive bar called The Night Club. What they don't know is he heads up a special task force, which cleans up neighborhoods and makes them safe again.

Stormy Ryan has always felt more comfortable with her books than with people. She loves to spend her days within the pages of her books. When her second-hand bookstore is robbed for the third time in as many months, her employees quit leaving her to run the shop on her own. With the pressure of having to deal with her shop and people, not to mention the declining neighborhood, she is at the end of her rope.

When closing up her shop late one night, she is held up and the neighborhood bad boy saves her, putting both of them at the forefront of a psychotic’s obsession.
Being bad has never looked so good.


Melanie’s Review

Holy shit. This book will make you throw up in your mouth. Like seriously. I think my brain has left the building. Its soooo good. And sooooo bad at the same time! There are things I will never be able to look at the same way again. But please, don’t take any of this as a negative. It’s kind of the best reasons TO read this book. At least it is if you are as mental as I am!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no one, and I mean NO ONE does crazy like M. Stratton does crazy. Bender is a book that will make you double-check those shadows and definitely pay attention to your surroundings when you are walking alone. M. Stratton’s monsters are usually the ones that you never suspect. The guy next door. The random dude in the grocery store.  Everyman. In Bender, it’s a much more in your face obvious monster. The crazy bastard Nutter, lives up to his name. He is a serious nut job. But I do have to give him some credit, he is a creative nut job.


Bender is a super hot guy that grew up in the neighborhood. He was always knows as a bad boy around town. He has come back to do one last job of cleaning up his hometown and getting rid of the jerks that have over taken it. In the meantime, he meets Stormy and things progress from there.


Bender is essentially a thriller, with mild romance. It tells the story of a guy who really just wants to clean up his neighborhood, but is going to have a hell of a time doing it. The female lead, Stormy, made me a little crazy at times. It’s like she just wouldn’t listen. She wasn’t grasping the concept that her life was in danger. When she’s not wrapped up in a book, she is pretty cool, but unfortunately she spends too much time in her books to be safe.



I like the small tie in with Stratton’s Storm Series and the protectiveness of the characters from that book towards Stormy. There are little bits throughout the book that, if you are a fan of Stratton’s, you will pick up on. One of the things I love about Stratton’s books is how her sense of humor shines through her stories. She’s pretty entertaining in that sense.


I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good thrilling book with some crazy ass characters. Please note that there is some pretty graphic violence, so if you are not into that kind of thing, you might want to skip this one.

5 fangs










About M. Stratton

About the Author
M. Stratton is an International Amazon bestselling author in the romantic suspense and mystery suspense categories for her debut novel After the Storm. She is a self-proclaimed dork that loves to make people laugh and can trip over nothing. Her inner rock star is always on stage performing to a sold out crowd but is quiet and shy on the outside.

She lives with her husband and son in Arizona, which is a big difference from where she grew up north of Chicago Illinois. As an only child she learned to tell herself stories to make the long winters go by quicker while dreaming of summer vacations. Now as an adult she still makes up stories to pass the time, but now she writes them down to share with other people.

When not writing you can find M. watching football (Go Bears!), NASCAR, or classic movies, watching her husband and father restore classic cars, and seeing who can be sillier, her or her son, and of course reading.

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