Do You Believe in Ghosts? A Guest Post by Victoria



Today I’ve got a guest post for you by Victoria. She is discussing ghosts and the belief or disbelief in them. Please be sure to make a comment at the end of this post. I would love to hear your thoughts! 



Do you believe in ghosts?

About 60 percent of the world’s population believes in ghosts. That makes 3 in 5 people believers of ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, then obviously you would have supporting stories for the same. A non-believer of ghosts can call anything mere imagination or hallucination. Are the ghost stories real? Many stories are of course not real. At least 75 to 80 percent of them are stories for grabbing attention, tricks and mistakes. But, the rest of the 20 to 25 percent of them are believed to be real and genuine. This is why you can find many books on ghost encounters. Not only is encountering a ghost a common subject, but communication with the spirit world is also a much alluring topic.


Ghosts- What are they?

OpenClips / Pixabay

OpenClips / Pixabay

When you are convinced with the ghosts’ existence or if you want to know more about ghosts before you are convinced about the existence, you would be eager to know what ghosts are. Almost all the people, who believe in ghosts, give a same definition. People who do not want to move to the next world after death roam around as ghosts. A few religions across the globe also say that ghosts exist because they are not able to move to the next world. For many centuries, from the epics to the modern horror fictions, ghosts have contributed a lot to the study materials. Haunting of palaces and old buildings is a story you can hear in any part of the world. Only a few concepts can be found in every country of the world, like the existence of God and ghosts. Even though a few religions say believing in ghosts is insult to Gods, there are people who claim to have encountered ghosts and spirits.


Communication with the spirit world:

When you want to communicate with the ghost world, you would be astonished to know that various communication devices exist. Of course, they are not the cell phones or tablets, but devices that help in conversing with the spirits. Most people are aware of the Ouija board. All you need to do is invite a ghost and get its permission to continue the conversation. You can invite any spirit, regardless of what your relationship with the spirit is. Or to be correct, what the relationship was. You can discuss anything and everything with the spirits. They are supposed to know a lot more. If you feel this is a new area to explore, then you would be amazed to see many people contact spirits of the deceased to know about will disputes. When you go through any blog that discusses the disputing of wills, such as Disputing Wills Blog, you would get a hint of what people are up to.



Can you find a ghost?

OpenClips / Pixabay

For those who believe in supernatural powers, finding a ghost is almost impossible. They feel that the ghosts act on their own accord. When they feel the need to be seen and heard, they will make themselves known by humans. However, the researchers want to find the real truth about the ghosts. They thank the technological advancements. Thermal cameras, IR sensors, digital voice recorders are now used by these people who research about the ghosts. 

While believers have loads to say on existence of ghosts, the non-believers feel there is always another unexplored explanation for the appearance of ghosts. You can never find the answer for the question “Do ghosts exist?” Lack of scientific evidence plays a vital role for calling the ghost stories unreal. 


People have many reasons for either believing or not believing in the presence of ghosts or spirits. The reasons range from completely out of this world crazy, to those that seem to make perfect sense in one way or the other. To these people, these reasons all make sense to them, and that is all that really matters. When people die, “family” comes out of the woodwork. Especially if there is a Will involved where someone stands to inherit something important or expensive. This is when contacting ghosts and places like Disputing Wills Blog comes in handy


So what do you think? Do you do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? Comment below and tell us all about your ghostly experiences! 



About Victoria

Victoria is researching on ghost stories. She is interested in spirit communication and enjoys visiting haunted buildings. Enjoying the books on spirits encounter and spirits communication are what she enjoys during her free time. She loves watching horror movies.

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