Bad Blood by Nikki Jefford

Bad Blood

By: Nikki Jefford
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Vampires
Pages: 265
Series: ,
Publisher: Self Published
Published on: June 4th 2014
Bad Blood by Nikki Jefford

Aurora returns from boot camp to a new assignment, an unwelcome roommate, and the increasingly amorous attentions of a certain vampire hunter.


College is starting, and so is Aurora’s undercover work at a network of swanky parties known as “Tastings” for high rolling vampires who like their blood laced with fine wine.
But Aurora’s not the only one on the prowl. An underground investigation is under
way to find out who killed one of Anchorage’s most prominent vampires… and
Aurora is a prime suspect.

Also by this author: Stakeout, Evil Red, Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter

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Melanie’s Review


I love this series. I really do. With each book the story gets better and better. I enjoy learning more about each of the characters and seeing who they really are. Jefford does a great job of telling the story without giving it all away at once or making it feel like it’s dragging.


There isn’t quite as much action in this book as some of the others, but I feel like we are being setup for something big. There are things we are learning that are making past things make more sense.


Aurora Sky sure has a lot going on for someone who is only 18. Now she’s going to “tastings.” Vampires drinking blood laced with wine. Aurora’s list of enemies is growing, and she’s not sure whom she can trust anymore. Secrets are abundant and there are plenty of hidden agendas going around. Luckily, she knows she can trust Dante. I love Dante. He’s such a fun character. At first I wasn’t sure if he would be cool or just annoying, but he’s definitely grown on me!


I honestly believe we have so much more to look forward to in this series, but I hope it doesn’t take too long to get the whole story. It’s like I want to know what is going on with everyone and why and I want the whole story, but at the same time, I don’t want the series to end.


I would recommend this series to anyone who likes a vampire and vampire hunter story with interesting characters, and a thrilling storyline that grows with each book.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The receipt of this book did not imply or guarantee a favorable review, nor did it influence my opinion of this book.


4 fangs



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About Nikki Jefford

Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who found paradise in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands (WA) where she is once more neighbors with Canada in a town without a single traffic light. She loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt.

When she's not reading, writing, working, or out on a nature walk, she's riding her Suzuki DRZ400SM.

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