Autumn Magic by T.M. Cromer – IBF Review

Autumn Magic (Thorne Witches, #2)

By: T.M. Cromer
Genres: Fantasy, Fantasy Romance
Pages: 236
Publisher: TM Cromer Books
Published on: June 19, 2018
Autumn Magic by T.M. Cromer – IBF Review

Autumn Thorne believed she discovered the perfect love. Yet the moment she revealed she was a witch, her relationship went to hell in a handbasket. Nearly a decade later, in an ironic twist of fate, the man who shunned her shows up on her doorstep and asks for her help to develop his own latent powers.

For the better part of nine years, Keaton Carlyle has tried to forget the one woman whose very touch made him burn with uncontrollable desire. Now, left with no choice, he must seek her out to master the magic building within. But the more time Keaton spends with Autumn, the more he realizes his old feelings for her have never truly been extinguished and the flames blaze hotter than ever.

When Autumn sets off on a mission to uncover an ancient artifact crucial to saving her mother, Keaton is hot on her heels, determined to make up for the wrongs of the past and rescue Autumn from the clutches of the madman holding her hostage. Faced with life or death, they must learn to work together. But can Autumn ever again trust the man who so cruelly betrayed her?

Book 2 in a 6 book series.

Also by this author: Summer Magic (The Thorne Witches Book 1)
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The first book in this series was an IBF review.  Technically so is the second. However, halfway through the first book it went from an IFB book review to something new. It became an “I love this series and I adore the author.”  I truly do, T.M. is not only a wonderful author, but a wonderful human being. Many would assume that they are part and partial, but sadly that is not true.

So Summer Magic was about a woman with a name Summer, so it is no surprise that this Autumn magic is about a woman with the name of Autumn. Autumn goes by Tum, which I think is super cute and I will get to that more later.  A family of four, which after the first book, you realize is much bigger. And more complicated than just four sisters, their dad, and their deceased mother. In fact apparently mom isn’t dead, Summer is a twin, and Autumn hates her neighbor.

In fact she may or may not have set fire to his vehicle without realizing that it wasn’t just his, but his daughter’s pride and joy as well. Keaton and Autumn loved each other, until she told him what she was. It was discovered that the Carlyle’s are actually wizards and so while he disliked her for so long, he comes to realize that maybe she isn’t horrible.  He still hates her, but maybe not as bad.

When it became apparent that Autumn is the one that wants to go to Asia in search of something that could possibly help their mom, Keaton decides he is going to go as well. When you are dealing with magic, there is no simple guide on what will happen. Especially when you find out that your darling uncle is as much of a bastard as you thought he was. Even though it may not be as much his fault as you originally thought.

This book kept me in the world that the first book pulled me into.  I have it under good authority that the author is currently working on the fourth book, Spring and that Winter came out just awhile ago.  When I have some free time, I plan on reading Winter Magic, to learn about Winnie.

I love this world and I love the characters. The author has done a great job of pulling in personality and emotion to these stories. I like that even though this story is about Tums, Summer is also part of it. Actually all the sisters are, it shows how close they are. While this could be a standalone, it still ties in with the other book in the series.

This is going to be a much longer series than four and I am excited to see where it leads.

About T.M. Cromer

T.M. Cromer loves to craft wildly entertaining stories designed to keep you glued to your seat, turning the pages to find out what the heck happens next. She specializes in kickass heroines and the men who adore them. Genres she has tackled include contemporary, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance.

While originally from New Jersey, T.M. spent most of her growing up years in a small beach town located in northeast Florida. Currently, you can find her hunched over her keyboard in a small town in central Illinois. When she isn't writing, she's at the beck and call of her fuzzy soulmate, Tink.

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