Auburn Ties by Sarah Urquhart Release and Review!!

Auburn Ties

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 191
Series: Wounded Winds #2
Publisher: Amazon
Published on: October 16, 2020
Auburn Ties by Sarah Urquhart Release and Review!!

She holds her lost loved ones close to her heart.

Shaye built her independence since her father passed, but she cherishes the things she had enjoyed with him. Camping, fishing, hiking, the wilderness. She’s drawn to it. So much so, that she follows when a demanding grizzly bear leads her to a lone cabin in the woods near the lake. A man steps out the front door, changing her life forever.

He pushes his past away.

Nathan refuses to find his mate. No one deserves to be stuck with a man with his past. That’s why Nathan fought against Fate and her plans. He holds onto the memory of one person only, the rest he’s buried. He is better off alone.

But he learns fighting Fate only causes pain.

Their pasts are tied together. But danger lies there.

While revealing the events of days long gone, they discover a dangerous man. One that when he lays eyes on Shaye, he decides he has plans for her. To keep her safe, Nathan is forced to make an impossible decision. And there’s only one choice if he wants to save his mate and put his past to rest.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I had the privilege to read this book as a beta reader. So some things I say may not be exactly the way they are in the book.


Shaye is a outdoor loving girl. She also has some friends that would rather stay in their houses, and in their city.  It is okay because they suck it up and go out to the woods with her when she wants to go camping, albeit essentially kicking and screaming the whole time. Shaye takes it with a grain of salt, because they have been friends of hers since before her father passed, and she is thankful they still care about her.  She needs the outdoors, not only to ground herself after a long week of working in a business real estate office, but also to live without walls, to experience life, and to fish.


Things had been going the way they always went for Shaye on a camping trip. Her sneaking down to the lake for some alone time while her friends slept, since she can’t go anywhere without them. Well this time was a bit different, as a very friendly bear shows up and wants to spend time with her. Yes, a bear.


Nathan who happens to live near the same lake that Shaye visits. He also has a very sad story that rivals some of the saddest stories out there. Growing up with a surrogate brother and ‘aunt’, he learns the ways of nature. You can say that he learns nature at a much deeper level than most. If it wasn’t for the damn wind, Nathan would be content with his life as it was. No, the wind needs him to do something, and was ready and willing to force him to change. Rather he wants to or not.


I am a big believer in fate. I believe that while we have free will, fate eventually gets her hands/talons/nails in us.  Be that meet the person we are to be with. Have the job that fulfills us like no other. Or brings someone into our lives that will be there forever.  Fate pushed me to do something, and because of that, I was able to meet my best friend. Another time Fate led me to my husband, so I don’t play around with Fate.


So, let me be clear, I did not read the first book in this series. So there were a couple of places that threw me. However, this can and is a standalone. So you don’t know the back story with the other characters, that is okay because bits and pieces come through. There are also characters that you are meant to meet, but their stories aren’t told yet. Now this right here is why I wanted to toss the book, well kindle down. I wanted to know more. I got into the story so much that I was like “why? what is going on? I want more.”


Obviously that is a great thing, having your reader want more. I like what they are trying to do in the woods, I like the idea of packs/clans/tribes etc not really full realized like in other books of this type. Now the ending, I am a bit torn with it. I understand why Nathan does what he does. Not only that, but I agree with his decision. But, if someone else had just opened their damn mouth 5 minutes earlier then maybe answers would have been received before Nathan did what he did. Okay maybe not 5 minutes, but a day, a week, even a couple of hours, I think that for the characters it may turn out better. For the reader, naw, we want that bit of a cliffhanger, even though it is a sad one.



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About Sarah Urquhart

Looking at a crossroads, Sarah chose to write. With a deep love of anything romance, it was natural that romance stories flowed into her journal.

From the East Coast and living in Alberta Canada, she enjoys life with her family and the beauty of the province around her. She gets hilariously excited when new stories and characters pop into her head and can't wait to write them out whether in the sub-genres of romantic suspense or paranormal romance.

She hopes her readers enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

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