The Arotas Series Boxed Set Now Available on Amazon…

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Yesterday I was pretty excited because Evermore, the companion novel to The Arotas Series, released on iBooks. I was excited because I read and LOVED this series. I really couldn’t put it down! From the time I started reading until I put it down, dishes went unwashed, laundry went unfolded, my house was a disaster! I think I even fed my family cereal for dinner so I wouldn’t have to stop reading!


Well today I have a couple of new reasons to be excited. The Arotas Series Box set is FINALLY available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords! And its only 99¢!!! How awesome is that?? That’s 3 books for LESS than a dollar! That’s like 33¢ a book!That means you can pop over and one click your hearts out, and then hopefully, when Evermore releases in 2 weeks on Amazon and the rest, you’ll be ready to just jump right into it!



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Over on iBooks, the excitement isn’t over just yet! Not only is Evermore now available,  The Arotas Series Box set is still available, AND Desolate is now available for Pre-Order!



Desolate, is book 1 of Amy Miles’s Immortal Rose prequel trilogy. It is available for preorder through iBooks for only $2.99!  It will release on iBooks on March 18th and all other platforms on April 2nd.  There is an age warning on this book because of content so please take notice. This series that is more mature than Arotas. 



Click here to pre-order your copy of Desolate through iBooks!




A wedding massacre. An innocence stolen. Mortality stripped away. In a single night, everyone Roseline Dragomir has ever loved is slaughtered before her eyes. Alone in the world and bound by a solemn marriage vow to a vicious murderer, she must find a strength buried deep within her to keep going or risk completely losing herself. When a mysterious stranger crosses her path, Roseline will discover that not all immortals are evil. Some even bear emotional scars that run just as deep as her own. Will she uncover a will not just to survive…but to fight back? ***DESOLATE is the first book of the prequel trilogy to my YA paranormal romance AROTAS trilogy. This book contains elements that may be sensitive for some YA readers. Please download a sample before purchasing this book to ensure it is suitable for your teen***
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