Andi’s Birthday!!!


EDIT: Today is NOT Andi’s birthday! She tricked me! It’s not actually until Nov 6th!

Today is a great day. Not only is today my favorite holiday, Halloween, but it’s also my best friend and co-blogger, Andi’s, birthday!


For my birthday, she came all the way to Florida to spend a few days with me. I couldn’t do anything quite that exciting, but I did get her one of those super cute “Feisty Pets.” His name is Bobby…

I got him on Amazon, so if you want one too, here’s the link. They also have unicorns, wolves, and all kinds of other little guys:



With it being Halloween, I love seeing everyone dressed up. I, myself, never get to. I don’t have anywhere to go, etc. But I take my kids. We aren’t sure if my 17 year old, Natalie, is going this year, she’s at that age where people make her feel like she’s too old to join in the fun, which is sad in my opinion. My 10 year old, Cora, is going to be Ketchup to her friend’s Mustard and my 3 year old, Ronin, will be Spiderman. For whatever reason, they still won’t let me dress them as zombies, but at least they like Halloween. I’m just glad Ronin isn’t going to be Leonardo the Ninja Turtle again.


I’d love to see you and your kid’s costumes, so post and let me know what you are going as! And feel free to post pics on our FB page,


Happy Halloween and the happiest of birthdays to Andi!!

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