Ancient by R. Kane


By: R. Kane
Pages: 511
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published on: February 4th 2015
Ancient by R. Kane

He once ruled all he surveyed, all that fell under his gaze. He sat at the head of all tables. He was called King, The Great, and a God, but that was before he turned his back to everything he had won and conquered. Now Alexander is a vampire, a Nosferatu, and all he wishes is to sleep and leave this new world of the 21st Century he was so rudely woken too behind. Only an old debt to a mysterious woman and a chance meeting with a little girl changes his wish to be left alone and before he can do otherwise Alexander must fight all the evils that fate has deemed to be set on Wilma Jackson. Now he must put a courageous plan into action to save his friend and in doing so find peace for himself.Yet his past will not leave him be either and an old nemesis of great power comes for him, The Grand Lich Akhenaton. The former Pharaoh, and now Master of the Undead, unleashes a pack of young werewolves to end Alexander’s existence all the while the vampire fights the local crime lords to keep Wilma safe. With all sides closing in on him Alexander must keep Wilma and her family safe from what pursues them while battling his old enemy the Grand Lich and his followers as well as the malevolent forces of lawlessness.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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What could have been a simple grave robbery turned into much more due to the two individuals who thought they could gain fortune, and maybe some fame by knocking down a mausoleum.  However, what was simple turned into something much more when limbs that should have been dead and turned to dust began to move.  When a full, young man stepped out of the wall.  The being knew what he was, knew what he needed to do, but did not know the year, or how to go about what he really needed.


Although he figures out what needs to happen, there are beings that are far older and far more dangerous than he walking along the streets of Atlanta.  When he arrives at the house of an elderly black woman, he finds himself being thrown into a job that he has never done before, protect a young mortal from those who want to harm her.


This is a unique take on what a vampire’s goal is.  I mean everyone knows that vampires drink blood, but living thousands of years can get old and so what do they do in the mean time?  What do they do to make themselves feel better for taking blood, or do they need to feel better?  For Mr. Alexander, it is more out of the ability to see this young mortal’s future that pushes him to change it.  No good deed goes unpunished though and he catches the eye of someone and something that truly wants him to fail at whatever mission he may feel he has.


It is a good, quick read with some good conversation and character development.  I enjoy the authors voice though the story and it really allows you to connect with Alexander and the other main characters.  You start rooting for certain people in situations, and you really want Alexander to do what he feels he must, without being injured or killed in the process.  This however is not the world that he went to sleep in, and with changing times, comes changing focus’ and enemies.


4.5 fangs



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