The Amnesia Girl! By Gerri R. Gray

The Amnesia Girl!

By: Gerri R. Gray
Genres: Dark Humor
Pages: 271
Published on: October 27, 2017
The Amnesia Girl! By Gerri R. Gray

Filled with copious amounts of black humor, Gerri R. Gray's first published novel is an offbeat adventure story that could be described as One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest meets Thelma and Louise. Flashback to 1974. Farika is a lovely young woman who wakes up one day to find herself a patient in a bizarre New York City psychiatric asylum. She has no idea who she is, and possesses no memories of where she came from nor how she got there. Fearing for her life after being attacked by a berserk girl with over one hundred personalities and a vicious nurse with sadistic intentions, the frightened amnesiac teams up with an audacious lesbian with a comically unbalanced mind, and together they attempt a daring escape. But little do they know that a long strange journey into an even more insane world filled with a multitude of perilous predicaments and off-kilter individuals are waiting for them on the outside. Farika's weird reality crumbles when she finally discovers who, and what, she really is!


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The Amnesia Girl! is absolutely hilarious. I came across this author by accident in one of my groups and I’m so glad I did. This book is considered of the Bizarro genre and is filled with Dark Humor.


I don’t think this book is necessarily for everyone, as different people have different senses of humor. Some people just won’t get it. I got it. I thought it was well written and I was laughing out loud throughout the entire book. I was highlighting passages left and right and finally just gave up because I was highlighting practically everything. I appreciate Dark Humor quite a bit thanks to an extremely twisted sense of humor.


Throughout the story, we follow Farika, a girl suffering from amnesia who wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with no memories at all. The way she interacts with the other characters is hilarious. Each character in this book has its own quirks and I couldn’t wait to see who would come along next.


The Amnesia Girl! is crazy imaginative. It’s probably one of the most creative books I’ve ever read. The whole book is an adventure that keeps you guessing along the way. I wasn’t able to figure out the ending until the end, so that’s really good!


I highly recommend The Amnesia Girl! to anyone looking for a creative and laugh out loud read that will have people looking at you like you belong in the hospital with Farika if you read it around anyone.


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About Gerri R. Gray

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Gerri R. Gray is a novelist, a poet with a dark soul, a cemetery photographer, and a lifelong aficionado of horror, dark humor, and camp. She blames her twisted sense of humor on a wayward adolescence influenced by the likes of Monty Python, Charles Addams, Frank Zappa, and John Waters.

Her interest in writing started early on in life, and she began writing poetry, music, short stories, and plays while a teenager in the 1970s. Her first notable publication occurred in October of 1976 and was an interview the she and her cousin conducted with Ides of March singer/songwriter, Jim Peterik (who went on to find even greater success with the rock group, Survivor.) Her poetry has appeared in a number of literary journals and anthologies, including The Poet, Xenomorph, The Kindred Spirit, and Poetry Quarterly.

In 1980 she founded a small publishing company called, Golden Isis Press, and did double duty as editor and publisher of Golden Isis Magazine until its discontinuation in the early 1990s. Writing under a pen name inspired by an H.P. Lovecraft novel, she began a successful career as an occult author in the late 1980s and, over the course of two decades, had over two-dozen books on various New Age subjects published by Citadel Press, Penguin, New Page Books and Adams Media.

Gerri's non-fiction article, "The House of Many Shadows", appeared in Lynda Lee Macken's book, Ghost Hunting the Mohawk Valley (Black Cat Press, 2012). It chronicled the paranormal activity and investigations which took place at the historic 19th century mansion in Upstate New York that the Grays currently live in, and out of which they operated a bed and breakfast themed after the 1960's supernatural daytime drama, Dark Shadows. She has also contributed to Beautiful Tragedies (by Xtina Marie) and Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell 2 (by P. Mattern). Both anthologies are published by HellBound Books Publishing.

Gerri's love of writing and her warped imagination fornicated and spawned a bizarre love child, which turned out to be her first novel: The Amnesia Girl (HellBound Books, 2017). Her collection of dark poetry and short horror stories, Gray Skies of Dismal Dreams, is scheduled for release in the spring of 2018. She is currently compiling and editing short stories for an all-women’s horror anthology, The Graveyard Girls, which will also be published in 2018. A second novel (even more bizarre than the first) is currently in the works!

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