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Hi readers and authors alike.  I would like to tell you what Amazon decided to do today. This change will affect not only authors but also bloggers and readers.


Apparently, Amazon has tired of individuals receiving pay for reviews, especially for herbal medications and such.  In hopes of minimizing that, they asked people to place “reviewed in exchange for free product/book/etc”  Which worked in theory.  However, not everyone tells the truth, and reviews that were not “verified purchase” were getting through.  Most of these were people who bought the product somewhere else.  It also includes those who received the book from wonderful authors, bloggers, blog hosts.


It says that it will not include books, because ARCs are important, but all books? Just physical books? Just books gifted through the Amazon system?  They are not totally clear and so what may happen is reviews do not show.  Your review should be safe if you state it is an ARC according to Amazon. Again, who knows, but in the last week I have talked to many individuals who have had reviews taken down.


So take the article for what it is worth.  Amazon Blog


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