Day 10: The Almshouse by Blanche C. King

28 days

The Almshouse

By: Blanche C. King
Pages: 245
Series: The Spirit World Series
Published on: November 20, 2015
Day 10: The Almshouse by Blanche C. King

Number 9, Charles Street has a habit of catching on fire. Twice it burned down, taking with it the people inside. When a bag of bones falls on twelve-year old Julia, she finds herself thrown into the spirit realm with the house's past residents. Her new neighbors aren't so lively, and some can't even remember their own names. But as Julia discovers, there’s more to these people than meets the eye. Something's been cut from the town’s records, and whoever did it will kill to cover their tracks.


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This was a really good but sad book. Number 9, Charles Street has burned down twice. 12 year old Julia is thrust into the spirit world and forced to spend time with some of the other former residents. We follow her journey through time to find out what the story is behind her newest friends.


Ghostly kids freak me out. Even in books, I always feel so bad for them. The kids in this book are no different. The Almshouse is full of mystery, corruption, and ghostly happenings. The author gives just enough back story on each character to keep you on your toes and emotionally invested in their stories.


This was a real page turner for me. I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen with Julia and her friends. It broke my heart in ways, but I enjoyed the story immensely. A must read for any lover of ghost stories.


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About Blanche C. King

Blanche King is a native of Los Angeles working on the east coast as a junior law associate. Prior to becoming a writer, Blanche worked as an artist selling portraits and landscapes. In her spare time, Blanche collects old books and exotic artwork.

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