Review: Acid Rayne by Tiffany Stevens

Acid Rayne

By: Tiffany Stevens
Genres: Fiction, General
Pages: 199
Publisher: Self Published
Published on: October 7, 2014
Review: Acid Rayne by Tiffany Stevens

How does an ex-rocker lead a normal life?

They don’t, at least for Rayne Callahan, she gave it a shot after leaving her band Acid Rayne when the band’s behavior got out of control. That didn’t mean she didn’t miss it for anything in the world. Although she was still in the spotlight somewhat but a different kind. Although she’d rather be with her friends on a stage feeling the heat from the lights and the tingling sensation from her fingertips while strumming her guitar. She found herself with her politician boyfriend, Councilman Jax. She attempted to live the Jackie-O life for him but something kept taking Rayne back to the days when people gathered to see her. One night at a fundraiser dinner Rayne’s life takes another twisted turn when Mitchell Jameson walked into her life offering her a deal she couldn’t refuse.

Rayne is a little scared to hop back into her old rocker shoes. What if everything spirals out of control again and now it would have cost her relationship with Jax? Would it be worth it? Everything seems to be working out great and falling into place. Although she still longs for Jax, Mitch does everything in his power to show Rayne how to live again. But even that is short lived when a misunderstanding causes Rayne her worst fear. She spent so much energy making sure her bandmates didn’t make the same mistakes as before that she fell victim to them all. Turning to drugs & alcohol, Rayne starts traveling down a path that scares everyone and is forced to enter rehab, but she doesn’t exactly leave quietly.

Life as Rayne knows it feels completely over and fears nothing will make it right as she is forced into treatment. Who will be there to see her through it and who will she choose in the end when the biggest nightmare of all haunts Rayne?

Is it even possible for a little bit is sun to shine through the Rayne?



Melanie’s Review


I really loved this story.  I don’t read a lot of romance, but I made an exception for Acid Rayne.


Rayne is an awesome female lead and I found myself wishing I had the same kind of strength that she does. She didn’t start out so strong. Or at least, it didn’t seem that way, but the real her emerges soon after. Rayne, like most women, has several different “faces.” Many of us show a different face to each perspective of our lives. For instance, my soccer mom face is different from my parent teacher conference face, which is different from my roller derby face. It’s not an attempt to be deceitful; it’s just that each aspect of our lives is a different environment, therefore requiring different “faces.” Rayne is torn because it seems like she thinks she can only choose one face.


She is faced with choosing which life is more right for her. Is the rock and roll life that she always dreamed of going to be the best for her, or will it be the quiet, controlled life of a politician? Rayne faces decisions I would never want to have to choose for myself.


Eventually the stress of everything gets to Rayne. She thinks she has chosen the rock and roll life she previously left behind, but finds herself being  forced into rehab thanks to a nasty little drug habit she refuses to get under control. In her search for finding herself, she has made some unfortunate choices.


This story was very emotional for me. I enjoyed reading it very much. I liked the story itself, and the thought and care the author put into her characters. Stevens’ characters were all pretty like-able in some way or another, though were disappointing at times, this made them feel more human. I read Acid Rayne in one day because I was so caught up in the story I couldn’t stop reading. I NEEDED to know what life Rayne was going to choose.


Acid Rayne has all of the ups and downs, romance, angst, realism, plot twists and excitement you can find in a good romance story that’s not super sappy or lame. I don’t like anything too sweet, so for me, this was a great book. I don’t like corny romance at all.


I would recommend Acid Rayne to anyone who likes a good Contemporary Romance with elements of Rock and Roll. This is a great book for a rainy day or lazy weekend.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my thoughts or my review in any way, shape, or form.


4 stars



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About Tiffany Stevens

Born and raised in Georgia. I married my High School Sweet Heart. We also have our own business. We have two beautiful kids. When I am not reading or writing I am constantly in my family's corner. You can always find me at the drag strip next to my husband, on the sidelines yelling at my son's football games, and texting from the other room of the house with my daughter. There's never a dull moment in my life. I never thought I would actually write a book much less read one. I was never the reader type until "Twilight" of course. I have to give credit where credit is due. This story had me hooked and since it's release I have read several series and books. I can't tell you how many books are on my Kindle, Nextbook, or even on my shelves. Most men have to worry about their wives or girlfriends buying clothes, shoes or something else. Mine has to watch out for the UPS guy bringing me a delivery from Amazon. Which is a great trade off I think considering the expense of the race car.

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