Academy Obscura: The Scorched Summer by Cassia Briar

Academy Obscura: The Scorched Summer

By: Cassia Briar
Genres: Paranormal Reverse Harem
Pages: 282
Series: Academy Obscura #4
Publisher: LLC
Published on: November 24, 2020
Academy Obscura: The Scorched Summer by Cassia Briar

The supernatural world is in chaos, and the war has barely begun.
The old Council has fallen, but that is only the beginning. Now, it's up to me and my mates to finish what we started. We have to take out the Tromara and free us all from their tyranny, at any cost.
Failure is not an option. The entire supernatural community is relying on us to lead them to freedom. But this question plagues me most: Am I the right person to lead them? To be their queen?
I better be. I've been placed in the seat of Council Queen, ruler of the five territories. To stay in charge, I have to prove my worth at every turn. We need allies. We need to destroy the Codex. And, I need my full dragon form.
How can we achieve all of this before our enemies break through Academy Obscura's defenses? 

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You all, I meant to get this out early this morning, but life is well life, and I didn’t do it. With that said, I give the you the final book in the Academy Obscura series. Book 4, The Scorched Summer.


So this won’t be the final final book, as I have it under good authority that the author is going to continue to write books in this world, but for this specific series, it will be the final full length book.  There may be some short stories, so we will all have to wait patiently.


So quick wrap-up. Caprice is a Dragon shifter who can’t get her final form because she only has three mates and needs four according to legend.  As there are no other dragon shifters around for Caprice to hang out with, it is all they have to go by.  Caprice’s grandmother went off the deep in who knows how long ago and shacked up with the Tromara King. Caprice was assaulted by three witches who didn’t get in trouble for their actions. Her best friend is normal, and her parents are dead. Two of her mates are on the supernatural council. The third will be the supreme ruler of the animal shifters.


Okay now that we have that done. This book takes off right after they abushed the Tromara during the culling. They were able to save many students and exposing the old council for who they really are. I guess old people shouldn’t screw with teens and young adults. Especially with their mastering of the internet and cell phones, but you know.


Caprice is grappling with the fact that she is now the Council Queen. To win the ultimate battle, she is going to have to gain favor among some that have hated her since the beginning.  Also to mend ties with ousted supernaturals who just wanted to a home away from the Tromara.  With surprise guests and reformed friendships, Caprice will need it all to win, oh and she needs her full dragon form, which means that she has to find a fourth mate, and quick.  Will it be the one her dragon lusts after, or will it be a new comer, throwing her existing three mates into turmoil. You are going to have to read the story.


I would suggest also reading the short story that comes with the series “Ignite”. This should be done before reading the fourth story. Otherwise there is a huge segment that you will be scratching your head. You can catch up quick enough, but it does help fill out the story.


This is a really good ending to a really good series. I am sad that it is ending. I was there from the beginning. From Caprice traveling from the East Coast to Oregon. Meeting her grandmother and falling in love with her professors. For it now to be over saddens me a bit. But I am excited to see what the future brings not only for this world, but for the author.  I thoroughly enjoy their writing, and hope that they succeed as an author.






About Cassia Briar

I write paranormal romance. Right now I'm focusing on the Academy Obscura series. The last book is being written right now!

My next project is trilogy set in the Academy Obscura world, but not at school. It's inspired by themes from Beauty and the Beast. And it will be a reverse harem!

If you've read my books, feel free to add them to a list on here in the Listopia section. Doing so helps other readers find them. Thank you, you're awesome!

She has five cats, a hunky hubby, and lives in the woods near Portland, Oregon.

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