A Good Day by D.L. McCleary – IBF Review

A Good Day

By: D.L. McCleary
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 268
Published on: February 14th 2015
A Good Day by D.L. McCleary – IBF Review

Lieutenant Colonel David “Deuce” Wilcox’s last mission ends his military career and changes his life forever. His return to civilian life leads to a new job and introduces him and his wife to a world far different from anything he has experienced before.

Isabel’s love for her husband has been strong and constant, but she wants more. Together, they must deal with his new career—and the powerful world of wealth and privilege that has opened her eyes to a new way of life. As her curiosity builds, so does her desire to bring David into the freedom of exploring their relationship in a way they have never known.

Can David re-invent himself and his relationship with his wife? Find out in this exciting story that takes a comfortable marriage to one that is scorching hot!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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A Good Day starts off with a loving couple who have one of the worst days of their lives.  The main character comes under fire while overseas. His injuries are severe and life-threatening. While he survives, nothing will ever be the same for him and his wife.  The future is unsure as discharge papers arrive via carrier. Things, however, do fall into place for both of them. Not all pieces are good, and some are great.


As someone who’s a spouse went on deployment, it is scary when they are away and you just hope that it is a phone call and not a knock on the door.  For those who don’t know, when a service member dies, there is a knock on the door  A phone call means that they have injuries, but are alive. Thankfully I did not have to experience either.


Now this book is a precursor to what the author writes about, which is the art of rope play. The author actually participates in it himself, and so while this book does not discuss it, it does discuss underground sex clubs.  Some of the content may be hard for sensitive readers to digest.  Some people are okay with blood and guts. Others are okay with a little sex among consenting adults shouldn’t bother you.  But with that said, it is okay and if that is your line, then it is your line.


I enjoyed this book, there were a couple of things that stood out as weird, or at least not completely understandable.  For example, they decide they want a bigger house, which is fine and fits into what they need.  However, the way they go about it is a little off-putting.  Also, I think that there is a lot of soul searching we don’t see. We see some of it with Isabel, but we don’t, in my opinion, see enough from Deuce.  I would have liked to see the inner turmoil that I would expect there to be with that kind of life-altering decision.


I also thought that pace was good for the first 3/4rds of the book.  However, for me, the last 1/4 went really fast. I am not saying it was a rush to finish, but it almost reads that way. It got to where it was to be at the end, and it wrapped up nicely, so overall I think it is a good book. It is also a good starter into this lifestyle.

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About D.L. McCleary

D.L. McCleary is a freshman author who writes erotic and BDSM based military fiction. D.L. lives with his wife in the northern Maryland area. Although he was never in the military the action scenes as part of the military fiction are breathtaking and the BDSM scenes are true to life. D.L. left the busy business world to write full time and is working on several books in multiple genres. He is also attending University Of Maryland pursuing a degree in Cyber Security.

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