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Hi all, I know it has been forever, but I am back. We at FFT don’t talk about ourselves often, primarily to focus on the books and let them tell the stories, but I have been absent, and for all the loyal followers to know why.

In the last two months I have had a ton of work, some family things, and some house things that have really interrupted not only my blogging but also my reading. In fact in the entire month of June I read one book, and in July I got three. I am reading more, I am editing more, I am doing everything I enjoy more and to do that I had to get rid of something.

So since I work from home I can do volunteer work and I did, I was part of four organizations that specialized in helping veterans and service members in the region that I live. Well I realized in April that I could not do it anymore and still be functioning. It took me to July to remove myself from one of the organizations and I will be handing off control of one of the others in December when my term as Chairman is over. I am still a founder of a non-profit tiny home project to house homeless and I am the chairman of a spouse/caregiver group Home Fires Burning.

We tore up a porch in the back yard and while it only took a little over a month to redo it, it was hard work, but in that I saved over 12,000 from the quote by doing it with my family so that I am grateful for.

I don’t remember if I wrote about this, but last year my aunt – my mothers sister – passed away. I took it really hard, REALLY hard, and it was honestly the first death in my family that was before their time. The other deaths were three generations back and were all in their 90s-100s. It was their time, but not my aunts. Because of that I had some troubles this year. My mom lost her only sister and so I think July forever will be hard for us. Combine that with family dealings and I just didn’t want to do anything.

So for all the authors who have sent their books to me, please know that I am reading them, and I have a list of 20 books to get up on the site, so I did not forget about you, I just couldn’t even.

The older I get, the more I realize that there are sometimes life gets you down, and as long as you eventually get back up, then it is okay. It is the getting back up that is the hard part, but I can say that I have, and I am stronger for it.

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