5 Fang Book Review!! Brimstone by S.L. Gayvn


By: S. L. Gavyn
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, General, Paranormal, Romance, Urban
Pages: 320
Series: Forged by Magic #1
Published on: 2014-01-30
5 Fang Book Review!!  Brimstone by S.L. Gayvn

Genivieve Belaveau has lived in this dimension for almost five hundred years. Mistreated for centuries, first, by the Troll that brought her here then by the Elve King who claimed to love her. She finally managed escape over three hundred years ago and never looked back. Working for Prima, an organization created to help right wrongs, she thought she was on the right side only to be manipulated by the leader of the company into stealing an ancient knife belonging to the one species on the planet that she had been avoiding at all costs...the Fey. It wasn't that she didn't like the Fey. Oh, she liked one particular Fey a little too much. It was her fear of those feelings that has had her keeping her distance. Because he was not just any Fey but their Dragon bound Prince who wants to claim her as his mate.With her friend's life on the line she must travel to Scotland, seduce a Prince, and try to steal one of his people's relics. Only, nothing goes as planned. Her over-bearing brother in law, the Vampire King, sends an escort aiming to not only protect her but date her as well. She finds the Prince still has the same hold on her as before and that stealing from him is a lot harder than imagined. Things go horribly awry in the back alley of a Glasgow street and now she has another friend in need of her protection.  How will she juggle the lives of her friends while evading the one man her body craves like no other? Not to mention surviving the mission while being attacked at every corner. At least she has Brimstone to send those Demon back to Hell where they belong. This is book One of the Forged by Magic Trilogy and is an Amazon exclusive read.   Iron Made - Book two is currently available.Ange Noir - A prequel novella is currently available.Dragon's Flame - New!! Book three is now available.For more information on S. L. Gavyn's books visit http://www.slgavyn.wordpress.com or check her out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/slgavyn.


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Wow… Second 5 fang in what a week?  I am either getting a lot of really good books or I am getting soft.  I am going with that I have gotten really good books :).


Brimstone really hit it out of the park for me, there is mystery, there is danger, there are demons, fae, vampires, hot girls, love, hate, killing; I am there is nothing missing for me.  Oh and the main character has a bad ass blade called Brimstone.. Get it??


This book has funnyish parts, thrilling parts, and parts where she is just trying to get by as a creature that no one can see due to her Glamour.  Since it is kinda important what she is and what her sister is for the book I can’t give it away, but when you finally learn you are like OMG light bulb.


I enjoyed this book, I like how the author really developed the characters and made you like them and hate them.  I really want to know what happens with so many things that I am going to have to go out and get the second one.  I mean you have friend turned possibly not friend, two guys vying for her attention, and oh yeah a newbie that may or may not have been changed by blood.. Oh and the ending is like why did the author do this to me.  So to summarize, there is paranormal, there is human, there is fighting, loving, and humor.


5 stars

About S. L. Gavyn

S.L. Gavyn lives in Mobile, Alabama with her husband, three children, and two black labs. She tries to write fantasy novels that are funny, interesting and adventurous with just the right amount of romance worked in.

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