28 Days of Reviews!!

28 Dark Days        of Bloody Good (1)



For the last 1.5 years Fang Freakin Tastic has maintained a pretty tight schedule of reviews, blasts, spotlights, etc. Well during that time authors have come to us asking if we could read their book. Since we did not seek them out, their book was put into the TBR pile. While talking in December, Melanie and Andi discovered that their TBR lists were getting out of control.

To decrease our lists and get some very noteworthy books out into the blogger world, we have decided that February shall be named Review Month. Every day we will post a review. Yup you heard right, an entire month dedicated to not only getting our TBR list minimized but also to spotlight those books that may have come to us in the past and we did not have the time to read them. I, Andi have about 8 books right now, including one I just finished that is going to be reviewed, and I am sure that Melanie has as many if not more. If you have a book that you really like and think we should read and review throw it at us now, because once we start it may not get on the list :).

WOOHOO and let the month begin.

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