28 days of Bloody good reads is about to start.



Muhahahahah for all those who are new to the Fang Freakin’ Tastic page for the past two years Melanie and I have done a February full of 5 star reviews. Life is hectic, but we love doing this. This year we brought in support to add some additional five stars as well life sucks, but we don’t want to disappoint anyone.


11 months of reading to bring you 28 days of great books.  There are no repeats, unless both of us love the same book. Meaning I will never repeat a book, but if Melanie reads the same book and loves it, then she can add it.


The books that we choose to feature are all 5-star reads to us, but they range from paranormal to thriller to horror, so sit back, get a cup of coffee and enjoy the next 28 days.

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