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Horror State – Oregon Part 1

    So Oregon is where Andi was born and raised.  Now Oregon doesn’t have the history or hauntings that Florida has, but it can hold its own against some other states.  There are pretty spooky places here.  Growing up … Continue reading

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Ready to Were by Robyn Peterman

  For some reason I noticed that the first book in Robyn Peterman’s series was free. I of course I downloaded them.  This is Ready to Were from the Shift Happens series.  Yes, you read that right.  Yes, the book … Continue reading

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Loving her Scars by B.M. Griffin

Purchase Links Amazon Excerpt   Adam bent his legs as he got ready to attack, but before he could make the leap to take Mike out Shayla’s voice brought everything to a stand still. “Adam, please don’t do this.” Her … Continue reading

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Onyx Webb 9 by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

  I can truly and honestly say book 9 in the Onyx Webb series is my absolute favorite of all the books at this point. I’ve loved the other books tremendously, but book 9 blows them all out of the … Continue reading

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Luckson: A Dream Walker Novel by Daniel Nanto

  Luckson is the last man alive following some form of apocalyptic event.  It talks about it, but this is something that you need to read for yourself.   So he is the last living person on earth, but he … Continue reading

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