Happy Birthday!!!!

Can everyone in our Fang universe please join me in wishing Melanie a very fangtastic birthday. It is hard sometimes when I am here on the West coast and she is all the way on the East coast and I can’t just jump over there on a whim, I mean I probably could, but have you seen our schedules? But I do know that she has a surprise coming to her tomorrow. I will let her post about what it is, it may not be until Thursday.



I can just imagine this is Melanie’s face right now :D.  But as you can see, I don’t care :p

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Creepy Crate Subscription Box



Subscription boxes are super popular right now. Finally, there is one out there for us Horror lovers! Andi found the Creepy Crate and I get to review it. The next box will be shipping soon, so you may want to get your order in sooner rather than later. Also, they send out 2 shipments of each box, so if you miss the deadline for the first send out, you still have time for the 2nd. AND if you use the coupon code FFTREVIEWS you will receive a special $5 off coupon for your order!


According to the email I received from them recently, the next box is inspired by Horror themed artwork and that kind of thing.


“This mystery box is inspired by bone-chilling artwork: creepy photographs, serial killer paintings, and even macabre writing utensils that make us a bit squeamish. Plus, each subscriber will get an original, limited-edition T-shirt in their size.

One subscriber will receive this month’s Golden Ticket: a year’s subscription to mystery experience box Hunt a Killer!”



For my upcoming birthday (tomorrow), Andi got me a subscription to Creepy Crate. This makes my black little heart ecstatic! Before now, I really didn’t have any desire to subscribe to any sort of box thing. I have enough bills already and I’m not generally a fan of paying for stuff without knowing what I’m getting. I’m just weird like that.


Let me just tell you how excited I was when I opened my first Creepy Crate. Very. I was very excited. Lol. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. It takes a lot for me to get excited about stuff, but this blew me away.

Their stock pic of the box is way prettier than mine, but you know how it is.

Inside was a variety of things obviously. There was a super cute limited edition pin, a strawberry flavored eyeball lollipop, a coupon code for a free horror book and 3 month subscription to the online horror channel, Shudder and a Bates Motel room key type keychain which my 16-year-old promptly stole from me. But my 2 favorite items in the box were the Blood shower gel in a blood bag and the serial killer cards. YES FREAKIN SERIAL KILLER CARDS!!!

Yes, I know, I take horrible pics. I was just too excited. Yeah, that’s what we will go with!

I don’t actually know how much stuff is in the average subscription box because I don’t have experience with those, but I’ll tell you, the items in this box may not have been plentiful, but I can’t even tell you how much excitement those damn cards have given me. I even took them with me to one of my book events. There is one card that is blank and I keep telling my husband if he keeps his shit up, my picture is going on it! I’ll never use the shower gel, it goes on my horror shelf, and I let my kid eat the eyeball (she said it was delicious btw).

she had already inhaled half of it before I could get a pic.

So overall, my Creepy Crate experience was great. I now have something to look forward to every other month and I know each box will have the kind of disturbing things in it only twisted people like us can enjoy!


You can order your own Creepy Crate by going to https://thelineup.cratejoy.com/

And don’t forget to enter your code FFTREVIEWS for your discount!

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Movie Review: Navy SEALs: The Battle for New Orleans

Okay Navy SEALs is a little B-rated, but it is a fun watch. I mean it isn’t mind numbing as zombeaver. Oh? You haven’t heard about that movie, I will be reviewing that one next week. Trust me it is mind-numbing.


One thing this movie does have going for it is there is some eye candy. Not a lot, at least in my mind, but one of the main characters, Ed Quinn otherwise known as Nathan Stark on Eureka… Wait a minute, I just realized his last name was Stark, as in Tony Stark’s relative maybe? I mean they are both stupid smart, both attractive, and both have dark hair.


My friend says no, my husband says “who knows, I’m sure it is possible.” So I am going with the creators of Eureka giving a head nod to Marvel for Tony Stark.


Okay so I finally finished the movie, because I can only watch it while I am working on my computer since it is technically a horror movie and I didn’t know how bad it would be.  Didn’t want to traumatize the minion.  So once I finished watching it, while I think it is a B rated movie, it is actually pretty good.


Something had happened in New Orleans and the Vice President was there for a meeting, and so a SEAL unit was shipped in to save the Vice President and his security unit. When they get there, there is no one on the street, nothing, so they think it is going to be easy peasy.  Except that it isn’t, and obviously we are talking about Zombies.


As the movie progesses, they learn more about the infection, and seek out a scientist that may hold the cure, or at least information about the infection.  Even though they move throughout town, it almost reads as it all happening in one building if that makes sense.  It could have been filmed in one building and it would have worked about the same.  That isn’t to say that the non-building parts aren’t important, but it could have been adapted if necessary.


We all know Zombies, different stories about how they come to be, how they can be killed, how they behave, etc. This story takes a lot of those tropes and throws them out the window, or off the bridge, however you see it. So come into this movie with an open mind, and don’t listen to some of the inane conversation.  The plot is good, but the convo lacks at times.


Give it a try, it is on Netflix.


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Infection (Zombie Girl 2) by Elle Klass

Infection (Zombie Girl 2)

By: Elle Klass
Series: Zombie Girl #2
Published on: July 2017
Infection (Zombie Girl 2) by Elle Klass

When Maddie and Bryce touch, she knows her zombie dream wasn’t simply a dream but a premonition. It’s up to her and Bryce to save the world from the doomsday sickness that will kill everyone – in a manner of speaking.
They soon learn the zombies aren’t the only horrors that await them in the new fight-or-die world. They battle by each other’s side as the infection spreads globally.





The Zombie Girl series is off to a great start after the first book, Premonition. Infection follows right along and keeps the story going, transitioning one book into the next without hesitation.


As you read the Zombie Girl books, it’s a good idea to keep in the back of your mind that Maddie is still only 15 years old. She has limited life experience, so she may not do or know some of the same things adults normally would.


One of the things I really like about Infection is how unique it is from other zombie books I’ve read. The zombies themselves and how the infection is spread are slightly different from the typical. It is easy to relate to most of these characters. The scenery is a bit more than I expected, but not in a bad way.


Maddie does seem to have some great luck going on, but she also has the advantage of her premonition from the first book and it seems like there are far fewer survivors in many books. Which is fine with me lol.


I recommend this book and the Zombie Girl series to anyone who likes a unique zombie story that has teens as main characters. It’s great for high school, college, or those of us who enjoy reading zombie stories of any age group. There is a decent amount of violence due to the zombies, but nothing any more graphic than one would expect from a zombie story.


Purchase Link


About Elle Klass

Elle Klass is the author of mystery, suspense, and contemporary fiction. Her works include As Snow Falls, Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy, and the Baby Girl series. Her work Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy is a Reader’s Favorite Fiction-Paranormal Finalist in the 2015 Reader’s Favorite Awards. Baby Girl Box Set received Official Honors in Young Adult through New Apple Indie Ebook Awards. She is a night-owl where her imagination feeds off shadows, and creaks in the attic.

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Bite Somebody by Sara Dobie Bauer

Bite Somebody

By: Sara Dobie Bauer
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 272
Publisher: World Weaver
Published on: June 21, 2016
Bite Somebody by Sara Dobie Bauer

“Do you want to be perfect?”

That’s what Danny asked Celia the night he turned her into a vampire. Three months have passed since, and immortality didn’t transform her into the glamorous, sexy vamp she was expecting, but left her awkward, lonely, and working at a Florida gas station. On top of that, she’s a giant screw-up of an immortal, because the only blood she consumes is from illegally obtained hospital blood bags.

What she needs to do—according to her moody vampire friend Imogene—is just … bite somebody. But Celia wants her first bite to be special, and she has yet to meet Mr. Right Bite. Then, Ian moves in next door. His scent creeps through her kitchen wall and makes her nose tingle, but insecure Celia can’t bring herself to meet the guy face-to-face.

When she finally gets a look at Ian’s cyclist physique, curly black hair, and sun-kissed skin, other parts of Celia tingle, as well. Could he be the first bite she’s been waiting for to complete her vampire transformation? His kisses certainly have a way of making her fangs throb.

Just when Celia starts to believe Ian may be the fairy tale ending she always wanted, her jerk of a creator returns to town, which spells nothing but trouble for everyone involved.



Bite Somebody isn’t your typical paranormal vampire romance. It’s funny as hell and left me cracking up. It’s the type of book that you would think could be a gooey romancey type of read, and in some ways, I suppose it is, but not in a syrupy way.


I’m not a fan of romance. At all. I’d rather read about fighting and killing and maiming etc. The romance in Bite Somebody is actually quite entertaining and relatable. The characters all have their own little quirks that gives them a feel of being real.


The lead female isn’t some drop dead gorgeous bad ass who has everything figured out. Celia is just an average girl who met a hot guy at a club one night and fell for his lines. Now she’s stuck working at a gas station trying to “live” paycheck to paycheck just like the rest of us. She is essentially described as being quite run of the mill and awkward. It was incredibly easy to relate to Celia’s character. Her awkwardness is part of her charm.


Between the hunk next door, Ian, her pain in the ass only friend Imogene, and the nosy neighbor, I loved all of the characters in this book. Except for Danny, Celia’s maker who dipped on her before showing her how to be a vampire. He’s a dick.


Bite Somebody really is something worth checking out if you are looking for something a little different, but funny. It moves quickly from the beginning, but not so quickly things are missed. It kept me laughing from the beginning until the very end.


Purchase Link


About Sara Dobie Bauer

Sara Dobie Bauer is a writer, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She spends most days at home in her pajamas as a book nerd and sex-pert for SheKnows.com. Her short story, "Don't Ball the Boss," was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, inspired by her shameless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she'd really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is the author of the paranormal rom-com Bite Somebody, among other ridiculously entertaining things.

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