Church by Renee Miller


By: Renee Miller
Genres: Horror, mystery, Thriller
Pages: 140
Publisher: unnerving
Published on: October 17, 2017
Church by Renee Miller

Ray is a Christian, but he loves a woman who follows a god called Zabir. Determined to save her from eternal damnation, he joins her church.

Ray doesn’t realize that indoctrination into the Zabian way is a process that not only breaks a man physically, it strips his identity and shatters his mind. He holds onto his faith at first, but as his prayers for mercy go unanswered, and the pain inflicted on him becomes too much to bear, the void of nothingness promises relief, and tempts Ray to do the unthinkable, even if leaves his soul as damned as the one he tried to save.


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.



Organized religion has existed for more than 2000 years, and in that time there have been some issues.  Be it women being killed because of proposed witchcraft, or because someone thought they looked at them wrong.  Well in this story it isn’t about widespread religion that has issues, but what happens when an individual gains too much power.  In other words this is about a cult with a charismatic leader.

Not everyone who falls in love with a cult member wants to be part of a cult, but this one takes cult to a whole other level.  The main character in this book is an egomaniac who uses a belief of a high power. That and the belief that a higher power speaks to some people as a conduit.  It isn’t about the religion, or whatever god the cult believes in.  

This leader is all about the money, and will do whatever he can and needs to. He wants to make sure he gets as much as possible.  Some of the things that he does are hideous, I mean some of the things rival that of horrible warlords.  It is all in the name of the almighty dollar, or I think in this case not just money but that feeling power.  Power is a powerful feeling, and while some people thrive on it, others not just thrive, but feels they need it, they need it all the way to their toes in order to live. That is the way this guy is, and he will use  

Some of the things in this book that are troubling, especially if you believe in a higher power. At times it is hard reading these elements, but sometimes it may actually be a good thing. Pushing the boundaries of what is comfortable makes people more empathic. There are other times that reading is just hard. When that is the case, stop reading, it is not worth hurting yourself emotionally.


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About Renee Miller


I’d like to say I hate talking about myself, but that would be a lie. I don’t mind in the least. Will it be interesting? Meh.

I grew up in Tweed, Ontario, a small town north of Toronto for all of you wondering where the heck that is. Once the home of Elvis’s ghost and not much else, Tweed is quiet and familiar and that is just fine by me.

HWA member, published independently and traditionally with publications such as UnnervingMagazine, Broadswords and Blasters, DarkFuse Magazine, Deadman’s TomeCwtch Press and Hindered Souls Press. You can also find me over at Deviant Dolls Publications and Underground Book Reviews.

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3:05AM by H.E. Bulstrode

3:05 am

By: H.E. Bulstrode
Genres: Horror
Pages: 28
Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing
Published on: July 23, 2016
3:05AM by H.E. Bulstrode

Librarian's Note: An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here and here.

A short paranormal mystery to unsettle the reader.Mark should be happy, what with a promotion and impending fatherhood in the offing, and yet not all is well. His nerves shredded by a succession of nocturnal images that flicker across the screen of his portable television set, his sense of self is beginning to disintegrate. He may be left perplexed and confused, yet that irritant of a colleague of his – Mike Pearce – seems to know something that he doesn’t. Could there be a hint of the supernatural in the mix? If so, what, if anything, does Pearce have to do with it, and what does it mean for his future?

This novelette is a standalone work in the West Country Tales series, also available in paperback, or Kindle ebook format, alongside four other tales in Anthology: Wry Out West.


This is a short story that follows Mark, a young man who works, is married, and has a child on the way.  One early morning he hears the TV come on at 3:05 and as he watches it, he witnesses something that bothers me. He thinks nothing of it really and goes about his day.  The problem is, the next day it happened again, and again, and again. Adding on to this was his co-worker seems to know something is up. At least Mark thinks he does, but then he really never liked that guy anyways.  


So because this is a short story there is a lot of things that I can’t say because it would ruin the story, but this is a creepy short story that really makes you rethink what you know and what you don’t know about the universe and our place in it.  


Give it a try, you may realize that this is perfect for what you are looking for in a story.




About H.E. Bulstrode

The author's childhood and formative years were spent in the English West Country, a region in which reality and fantasy are frequently confused, and where what elsewhere would be taken as peculiar, regarded as nothing more than an everyday occurrence. Soaked in myth, folklore and cider, his imagination eventually whirred into life and prompted him to pen, or at least type, a number of understated tales of the uncanny, drawing upon his wry observations of esoteric subcultures and beliefs, and the rich store of lore that seems locked into the land itself.

From the mist, the frost, and the wind, comes something ambling through the murk, seeking to ensnare the unwary: a village cunning man; a malignant Jacobean mannequin; a psychedelic Crowley wannabe; the sickle-wielding spirit of old Dorset; a pious guide who emerges from the fabric of a venerable minster; a mediaeval animalistic heretic with a still beating heart. Ghost stories, bizarre rites, and mental disintegration populate a world in which the living and the dead meet in an eternal present, and the author dares - the most horrific thing of all - to use adverbs where appropriate.

His tales have frequently been compared to the likes of those encountered in Tales of the Unexpected and The Twilight Zone, but the Bulstrodian world, as you will discover, is a realm unto itself, and quite distinct from either.

He is currently working on a number of future publications, including an occult mystery set in Edwardian Yorkshire, and a full-length novel focusing upon the themes of superstition, piracy, and religious fanaticism, set in seventeenth-century Cornwall and beyond. The latter opens amidst an atmosphere of unease unleashed by a supernatural visitation. Both will be published in 2018.

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Blood in the Water by Charles Hash

Blood in the Water

By: Charles Hash
Genres: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 20
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published on: February 27, 2015
Blood in the Water by Charles Hash

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


This is another short story that I really enjoyed after I got what was going on.  So it starts with a being coming up from what I guess is the bottom of the ocean and towards what appears to be their leader’s home, or the capital of their race.  The rest of the story is about how corrupt those in power can be, and how even those not in power can be corrupt.

This is a good story that reminds me of some of the more corrupt roman leaders, like Caligula.  I mean obviously since this is in ocean, you don’t have a horse as number 2 but other than that it reminds of it.  

This story is in my mind very symbolic of what happens in many of the countries around the world, the United States included.  The Rich get richer, while those who are the workers, the bottom, the middle class and poor are left to rot while the rich do what they want.  

I liked the story, it is a little sad but it is also what could happen if people don’t look at who is in power and do something when you can.  If you wait, or hope that someone else will do something, then Blood in the Water is our future, except we may not even have an ocean by that time.



About Charles Hash

Charles Hash is a reclusive individual that doesn't like to talk about himself often. He has finally published two novels after years of struggling with writer's block, and he has written a few short stories along the way as well.

His work tends to explore the darker, grittier side of life, where there are no happy endings. There is always a price to be paid for everything, and usually the cost is too great a burden to bear. He writes with a hammer hidden behind his back, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to drop it in a series of blows that leaves the reader reeling.

In his plots, he explores hot-button topics between his characters whenever possible, pushing boundaries wherever he finds them. Within his published works you will find transgender characters, suicide, failure, grief, hopelessness, coping, survival; all of which are integral components in the specific brand of horror he creates, incorporating a wide variety of different styles into his writing as well.

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