Teeth Marks by Matthew Weber

Teeth Marks

By: Matthew Weber
Genres: Horror, Horror & Ghost Stories
Pages: 161
Publisher: Pint Bottle Press
Published on: August 10, 2017
Teeth Marks by Matthew Weber


Teeth Marks by Matthew Weber is a collection of horror stories. Based in the Southern United States, Matthew writes about backwoods creeps, hillbilly horrors, and the occasional shapeshifter.


Suburban Facebracker

Vivienne Reynolds lives next door to Mina Markessa. Let’s just say they did not get along, or more so their kids did not get along with each other. Due to a chance to plans, Vivienne does something that she can not forget.  Neither can Mina.  In fact what started as a simple bullying issue turned into something much worse.



Silly Rabbits

When you are a bounty hunter, you search for all the help you can get when it comes to finding someone.  So when a young man offers you access to one of the most wanted in the area.  Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.  When that happens, all bets are off to see which hunter comes out on top.



Off All the Nights

Okay I know I shouldn’t like this story as much as I do, but Karma’s a bitch.

Wanda and her son just live a southern life, with the exception that once in awhile they leave two chickens out front their trailer.  Nothing big, they don’t need to do it all the time, just once a year.   This year however, two robbers decided they were going to steal from Wanda and they killed her chickens because they were making too much noise.  What or who is going to take their place?



Burt’s Top Secret Spice Mix

Burt, the owner of a popular sandwich shop is being hounded to do things he doesn’t want to do.  When push comes to shove however, he pulls out his Secret Spice Mix and serves it to a couple of customers.  People don’t ever talk bad about his spice mix, some never talk again.

I have never wanted to own a restaurant, but now I know not to piss off the owner.

4.5 FANG



Off all the stories, this one made my stomach turn a little.  Mickey, Hank, and Butch decide to take the law into their own hands.  The issue is, that the law has precautions to make sure the wrong man/woman is actually convicted.  When law is taken into the hands of drunken southern boys…sometimes things go sideways…and quickly.



Louise, Your Shed’s on Fire

Meg Thatcher, a woman that has meaty thighs, is friends with the elderly woman named Louise.  She checks on her and when she called to see how Louise was doing, she didn’t answer, which was wierd.  When she got to Louise’s house, she noticed that the shed was on fire.  They both go out to check out the shed, but it isn’t just on fire.



Slice of Heaven

Creepy Ass stalker..

Clara is just a small town pizza delivery girl who somehow got the attention of a customer.  A customer that is so intent on Clara delivering his pizza that he will not tip unless it is Clara.  While stalkers are creepy, sometimes the ones you think are the creeps turn out to be the knights.




When a young girl finds a animal friend outside, of course she should offer it snacks.  Even if those snacks are the cookies that her step-dad freaks out about when she eats.  Emmy is so worried about her step-father finding out about not only her friend but also her stealing food that she sneaks around after dark.  One day her step-father discovers what she is up to.



Gas Pedal

When a man finds out his wife is cheating, or more likely finds out the when and where, he decides to take matters into his own hands.  You don’t have to be a good person to become famous.



The Red Card

Caroline just moved on with her life after her partner left her for another woman.  That is why it is so odd that she finds a red card on her dining room table.  It becomes even odder when no one will admit to giving it to her.  In a new city with an ominous message delivered to her apartment, Caroline starts to lose it.



Neighbor at the Curb

This one almost broke my heart.

Lois was attempting to settle her infant while getting her older daughter Maya ready when she looked out the window.  Seeing something that she wasn’t meant to see, Lois decides that she must risk everything to set at least one thing straight.



Jacob Mosley’s Raw Deal

When you are sick and dying, you would do almost anything to set it back or to take it away.  For Jacob he did just that, but with every wish, there is a cost, and Jacob may not be ready for that cost.



As you can see I enjoyed most of the stories.  One of the best things is that it came with a barf bag, in the event that one of the stories made you so sick that you would need to throw up.  Only one story came close to making me use the barf bag.  I don’t why that one hit me in the gut, but it did.  I mean it wasn’t even the goryist.


So I read this book about a month ago now, and for this review, I went back to read up on the stories because I honestly didn’t remember any of them.  Upon reading the first couple of pages I am like Oh yeah… The ones I gave 4.5/5 Fangs to above, I actually read the entire story again.  What?  They are that good.






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Pursuing the Light by Bonnie Gill

Pursuing the Light

By: Bonnie Gill
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 225
Published on: October 11, 2017
Pursuing the Light by Bonnie Gill

L.A.M.P.S. hunter Leif Gunther grew up as an only child. He has a system for keeping order in his life while hunting Cryptids. He enjoys the solitude and quiet the job provides. Until a chatty redhead is assigned to assist him in his quest for the pack of Goochies terrorizing West Virginia and his systemized life gets turned upside down.

Cleaning up after Cryptids is not Holly McClure’s favorite job. She’d rather be hunting like her four brothers. Her boss pairs her with the same man who stole her hunter spot. Now she has an opportunity to show she’s a better hunter. Not to mention she has to keep her fairy godmother, who just happens to be a Sheepsquatch, a secret from Leif.

Leif just has three rules. Keep quiet, stay out of my way, and don’t touch my stuff. Too bad Holly can’t help breaking them repeatedly. Drawn together by the chase, Leif and Holly find that if they work together they make a great hunting team and their passion grows as they pursue their prey.

Also by this author: Tempting the Light


One of the things I like about Bonnie Gill’s books is that they are supernatural, but don’t necessarily follow traditional creature rules. She doesn’t focus on mainstream monsters, but takes lesser known beasts and throws her own spin on them.


Her first book, Tempting the Light, features the Jersey Devil and a girl that turns into it whenever she gets her period. Which, let’s face it, many of us turn into something similar. In Pursuing the Light, our focus is on Goochies. Which sound adorable right up until they are chewing your face off. I’m not one to normally comment on covers, but I really did think this one was cute.


Holly is the kind of character I think of when I hear of a woman who is strong and a monster hunter. She has a personality and can be warm and caring, while also being a bad ass and takes no shit from anyone, especially someone who tells her she can’t do something. At the same time, and I speak from experience, that isn’t always the best way to be. I’m more likely to do something stupid if someone tells me I’m not capable just to prove them wrong.


Holly is hunting Goochies. Which are these little furballs that behave like piranha. They are up in West Virginia near Holly’s family home tearing up farm animals and worse. She is having to work as a cleaner for Leif, the guy who pissed her off during her L.A.M.P.S tryouts. Did I mention Leif is super hot? Well, Holly thinks he is. He has a bad attitude due to past experiences and carries quite the chip on his shoulder.


Overall, I like the way the story is written, as well as how the characters develop etc. It has everything a good story needs. There is sexual tension and light romantic aspects, while filling pages with plenty of action as well. There is a big emphasis on the personal interaction between Holly and Leif throughout the story and their “relationship” is a big part of the story itself.


We are given hints as to parts of Holly’s background, but I would like to have known just a bit more. I didn’t feel like the condition of her family home is talked about or explained quite enough as well as her situation with her mother.


I do love the addition of the Sheepsquatch. As her “furry godmother” Tilly sounds awesome. She lends a level of humor and uniqueness to the story. I wouldn’t mind reading a prequel novella or something like that about the relationship between Tilly and Holly.


Pursuing the Light is a good read for anyone looking for something a little different, but not too far off center. It’s believable in the world of the unbelievable and kept my attention throughout. I didn’t laugh quite as much as I did with the first book, but there was still a lot of humor.


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About Bonnie Gill

Bonnie Gill grew up in the suburbs right outside Chicago. As a child she loved making up ghost stories at night to scare her sisters and friends.

She writes Paranormal Romance with a twist of humor. When she isn’t writing you can find her on a haunted tour, volunteering at pet rescues, or digging around in her fairy garden waiting for fairies to show. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapter and the Windy City chapter.

She lives in Northern Illinois with her four rescue dogs, a big fat cat, and her ever patient boyfriend who laughs at all her goofy jokes.

She loves to hear from her readers.

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Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of Scissorwulf by Chad Derdowski

Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of the Scissorwulf

By: C. Edward Derdowski, Chad Derdowski
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy
Pages: 128
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: October 25th 2016
Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of Scissorwulf by Chad Derdowski

Fortune Favors the Bold is an exciting new series of R-rated branching path gamebooks in which YOU are the hero of your own story - a story which changes based on the decisions YOU make! It's just like real life, only vastly more interesting and infinitely more exciting than your wildest dreams.

But unlike similar stories you may have read as a child, these ones are totally full of violence, drugs, sex and gore - the way you always wished they had been! This is a tale best told amongst friends, in a faux English accent and under the influence... for this is the Saga of the Scissorwulf! A tale of high adventure and low brows. A chronicle of necromancy, dragon slaying and lust. An epic retelling of the legend of an ancient myth long lost in the annals of a time before time. A story in which YOU are the hero and YOU call the shots! When the Scissorwulf discovers thieves trafficking in the sale of unicorn horns, it is up to him to dole out his own violent brand of justice. But it is up to YOU to determine how he does it! It is a world where only the strong survive, and fortune favors the bold!

"You're either on to something with this, or it's the world's best ultra-narrow niche book that no one will ever read. But the tiny elite that do read it will be changed forever." - Benjamin T. Osborne


Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of Scissorwulf by Chad Derdowski is a choose your own adventure.  Yes, you heard that right, childhood stories for adults.  So this book follows Scissorwulf, a man who is really wishy washy about what he wants to do in life ;).   He can be strong one minute, and a wimp the next.  Combine that with some very strong adversary characters and this makes for a very interesting read.


I read this five or six times because I honestly kept dying. Glory came from every death. Okay not all of them, some were pretty dumb deaths.  But that is part of the fun.  I am half one way, and half another when it comes to this book.  I liked some parts of it, and didn’t like other parts.  This is an adult book.  I will say that again, this is an adult book. Most choose your own adventures are for young adults.  This one is not. It is full of cursing, killing, semi-naked one-eyed women.  You know the best of pirate, fantasy type reading.


Overall I did not like this book as much as I hoped. It is not due to the writing or the structure. That is good and solid. The storyline is also interesting and constantly moving. Characters are at times flatter than I would have personally liked. Extensive introductions exist when appropriate. I just couldn’t connect with Scissorwulf, he wasn’t likable. Honestly he was a bit of a dick, not his fault, just to me he is.






About Chad Derdowski

Chad Derdowski is the creator, author and artist of the Fortune Favors the Bold series as well as co-creator and author of the acclaimed young adult science fiction/post-apocalyptic buddy comedy "All Robots Must Die!: Nacho-Geddon".

He has contributed stories to the Eisner Award-winning Aw Yeah Comics! and Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet.

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